Evolve Livestream - Next Date TBD @ 12PM PST

Evolve Livestream

The new look livestream now takes place on Thursdays at 12pm - 1pm PT! Featuring a variety of content week on week including: gameplay (including matches with ESL level teams), announcements, news, community content, developer interviews and more…

This week...

(Waiting for details)


See you then!!

Check out highlights of past streams here!

12PM PT is currently:

3AM (Friday) SGT
5AM (Friday) AET
7AM (Friday) NZT

If your timezone isn’t here, try using this website to find out when the stream begins for you:

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@Chloe You said I can be on the stream and play Gorgon ***(regardless of how bad I may or may not play)***. Does this statement still hold water?

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I volunteer as a hunter of equally bad skill for you to play against :stuck_out_tongue: Also what is the deal with the stream saying Thursday when its actually Friday? o.0

Different time zones? Maybe I’m not sure, could just be an error.

Is the story time this friday?

I would totally love playing with you guys on the community stream part, but it starts into the early morning here and I can’t stay up that long. :triumph:
Oh well…

If you guys need a trapper let me JOIN I WANT TOO

Hello Everyone! :heart:

Live Stream will be starting in 1 hour! Today, we will be streaming in support of Operation Supply Drop! They support a wonderful cause, w/ wonderful people! Details & Donation Link are here! We WILL be playing w/ the community today on stream, along with Storytime w/ Matt Colville! yayyy :smile:! Can’t wait to see you all there!

EDIT: Balance will be discussed as well!!! :smiley:


Yes. I can now (attempt) to destroy you guys with Gorgon. Muahaha.

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I don’t have the mobile data to watch the stream today, would someone mind live posting the monster lore portion?

I don’t have your steam so I’m not sure how to get in contact w/ you to play! Please add TRS_Demo_Monster !

Mission Accomplished Ma’am!

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So, we need to fix the twitch Bucket Bot. It’s kind of timing out people left and right for speaking hah

Son of a gun! Why must something pop up AT 3 EXACTLY. :sob:

I’m back? I guess there’s no chance of me getting in though D:

Thanks @Matthew for being on the stream today! I got a kick out of some of your answers, if you could call them answers… :smile:

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Love the Matthew segments. :smile: I was biting into a really juicy tangerine when he did his imitation of Gorgon shooting acid from her abdomen… The hip thrust caught me off guard and I lost my tangerine. :stuck_out_tongue: It was really funny.

Thanks for the stream as always, TRS! <3

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I have a great time doing it! Thanks for tuning in!


I missed it. :cry:


Me too, bud. Me too. hug