Evolve Legacy Return Players Wanted!


I can invite you but it says you need to update your Steam first.

The only way to get items now would be to find physical copies, as the stores are closed.


Ok, I went out and paid for some public xfinity wifi. I am now downloading the 40gb file for Evolve. I should be up and running again within the next couple of days…

SOOOOOO excited.

18 hours later…


Hi guys, I’ll be jumping on evolve PC once I figure how to install it again. I have over 2.5k hours of gameplay exp and come from Xbox. My steam is no_mercy_beaver and if you shoot a message I’ll try to get on asap. Happy hunting guys



Nicholasplosion here. come hop on xbox evo again for some customs. I NEED SOME lol


is this common?


Yes, that should happen every time you start up the game. When you go into multiplayer it will also ask if you want to re-establish connection to the hunt matchmaking servers. Always pick “No”.


Well how are people playing the game with each other?


I’ve tried to invite you into the chat room for it but it keeps saying your Steam needs to be updated before it will send the invite through.


Steam is fully updated 8(


Hey psst… remember, find the beta direct and switch option to opt IN for legacy