Evolve Legacy Return Players Wanted!


If any of the old guard (or newcomers that enjoyed Stage 2) would like to return to Legacy Edition, please let me know. We have a group chat room on Steam that allows us to form lobbies on the daily at any hour. However, you MUST have your Steam updated to be able to accept an invite into the group chat. I have tried to invite several forum users but cannot due to this reason.

If you’re interested in returning to Shear, hit me up. Send me a friend request on Steam (same name and avatar) and I can send you the room invite.

There are currently over 110 of us!


If only i were on PC.


Am game, i’mma search you up on Steam.


How much is it now?


i just downloaded it yesterday again played the legacy version 700 hours so if anybody wants to play or looking for teammates add me steam name = Unknown , profile pic is a tiger


If you dont have Legacy already you can pick up hard copies of the game for cheap or get a key from gee two A’s website for like $3.


Can I still buy the dlc?


I’m looking into this.


I don’t believe so.

However, they are all unlocked. I bought my little sister a copy of the game, and she could play DLC hunters + monsters.

@SledgePainter gimme invite plox.

Or is it the Legacy Evolve Old Days group? I’m already in that one. If not, then send me a new invite ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


It says you need to update your Steam to be able to accept the group chat invite.


Add me, I’m very easy to find.


it says that I’m up to date.


is there a different way of updating that I don’t know?


Bandwidth rations low, send more gb! ^.^
Once I get my bills caught up and I activate my cable internet again I will be back on.


So I bought a physical PC disk but I keep getting this error

An error occurred when updating Evolve Stage 2 (missing executable)

I already verified the validity of files or whatever so idk wth is wrong


I may have got it I’ll let you guys know for sure


Count me in. Where’s the steam group?
The link to my Steam is in the profile.


Now present opportunity to buy evolve copy with all content and all skins ?
If I have new steam account can I unlock all content in this game ?
Why ingame store was closed ?
How now to get all skins and items if I not played this game before ?


Just had a few matches with guys from the steam group and holy smokes it’s amazing how much muscle memory is still there. Too bad we had some connection issues, but overall it is still the Evolve I know and love. Feels good to come back.


what are the ranges of players? for instance I am in Denver, Co… Are the primary players in the UK?


From what I saw just yesterday at least 3/6 players were from the US, so I wouldn’t be concerned.