Evolve Legacy multiplayer works again


In case you hadn’t noticed. WE’RE BACK!

After Stage 2's servers, Legacy's multiplayer

Thank the lord almighty.


i just started my download for evolve stage 2 to unlock all the skins and hunter/monster with my 30k coins.

will the game start? i dont even see another evolve version in my bib


Uh…stage 2 servers got shut down. Basically stage 2 is deader than dead.

You can still play legacy. Not sure how, but ask a pc player for help. I’m on Xbox.


Stage 2 will load and you can play training mode vs bots. No multiplayer at all for stage 2


do you know if i can unlock all the variations?
i want them in my evolve1.0 …

also do you know how to download evolve1.0 because it only shows evolve2.0 in my bib


Check the Betas for the game. One should say Legacy. That’s the one.


well nevermind i just finished my download to see that ALL MY COINS are gone…

i will download evolve1.0 now and see if i got any variations… because i feel they should give us everything at this point… i dont believe they sell anything of evolve anymore.



That’s not how it works. Legacy and Stage 2 are two completely different versions of the game. What you unlock in Stage 2 will not transfer to Legacy.


The least 2K can do is give legacy players access to the variants from stage 2.

(And maybe let those who never bought it atleast able to buy it again)


If only, but it ain’t happenin.


doesn’t work like that. would require coding work and that’s not happening. even if it was flicking a switch it probably still wouldn’t happen.


It’s two different games. It’s like people complaining about, idk, the charger and spitter not being in l4d1


I don’t think that analogy works since Stage 2 was meant to be the new version of Evolve (seeing as it replaced the legacy version on the store)


What was available on the store means nothing, and as you said it, Legacy was replaced with a new version of the game, which is different.

Anyway, I’m getting worked up over nothing, my point still stands and you don’t seem to understand how everything works.


No I get it, I know all to well the horrors coding can cause if one isn’t careful.(I’m looking at you Unity) I get that they use coding that won’t work together, What I’ve been trying to say is I think 2k should do something about that, if you catch my drift. (Even if they probably won’t do anything)


well i dont even have the green val with the poison darts… and she was already made in evolve 1


How do I obtain legacy without buying Evolve on 2K? I was about to obtain stage 2 on steam, but it got removed :disappointed_relieved:


well there are keyshops…