Evolve legacy - cant login to profile when launch game-



I bought an Evolve steam key online since i couldnt play evolve legacy if i only had evolve stage 2. So I bought it and it downloaded and switched to legacy mode, i deleted the two cache files and verified my game files after i did that and it still wont let me log in. Can anyone give me some help?


2K Has shut down the Online Servers for Evolve, you won’t be able to get in anymore, as far as I know. Sorry.


ive seen people play evolve legacy on pc tho


That was probably a bot game.


Dont think so, they were all in discord while playing. Talked to someone in the chat and said it was Evolve Legacy


Does this help?


ok that worked but i cant play hunt. is hunt just not available anymore?


Is “Hunt” the competitive mode? If so I’m almost certain that won’t work anymore since it requirs services that are no longer available. The basic playlist should work (can’t remember what it’s called, Quick Play? Arcade?) and will pick one player (of the potential five who get matched together) to host.

If I had a working desktop I’d launch and find out what it’s called! Maybe someone else is able to confirm for me or has a better memory? :slight_smile: