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Yes, it’s here, what many of you have been waiting for and asking for, a COMPETITIVE EVOLVE EXPERIENCE.

As of the 9th March we, theDGL.org, will be hosting a competitive Evolve League on a weekly basis. At the end of each month the league will hold a one-off knockout tournament very similar to the trial tournaments @CivRules hosted via his FB page Evolve PS4. We cater for all platforms!

The league structure we have created is extremely flexible and caters towards any and all teams. Quite simply, once you’ve signed up, registered your team, come the 9th of March it’s game on!

Please click on the link below to sign up.

How the PS4 league works.

Each month is broken down into a set amount of weeks. During league weeks each team can compete against other teams in as many or as few a battles as they wish. At the end of each month we will hold an end of Month Tournament. We seed those teams that enter the Tournament based on their league standing.

Here is how the months of March and April will look.

League Week 1 – 9th-15th March
League Week 2 – 16th-22nd March
Tournament Week – 23rd-29th March

League Week 1 – 30th March – 5th April
League Week 2 – 6th April – 12th April
League Week 3 – 13th April – 19th April
Tournament Week – 20th April – 26th April

To enter this league and tournament the team leader must sign up, enter a team name and publish the details of his/her team including all the PSNID’s of his/her fellow team members. Once this is complete you can officially enter into the league but not before for any reason. It HIGHLY recommended that you read all the rules and guidelines before the 9th March.

Firstly, have a look at this how-to-guide

Once registered please use the team called Project Firestorm as an example.

How to sign up at the DGL

Once you’ve had a quick read through here are a few more details to make that experience more positive. This is aimed towards the Team Leaders, however we welcome anybody who wishes to sign up officially and i’m sure your Team Leaders would appreciate it. If you’re a Team Member please read here on how to join https://www.facebook.com/notes/evolve-ps4/team-members-sign-up-instructions/1618568501695814

(For Team Leaders)
So by now you should have registered yourself. Once this is complete you should create yourself a team. We recommend that you input the following;
Team Name
Team Tag
Team Logo
Team Photo in the Team Gallery section.

The next item on the agenda is adding your team to the correct competition, the current name for our competition is Experiment PS4 Tournament.

Adding Team Members
Once you’ve completed the above you can now start adding your team members. Firstly you need to navigate to the edit team page, do this by clicking on your team name underneath where is says Team Moderator. Now you have two options, one is to add an already existing player (Team Players Tab) or two, add a non-existing site member to your team manually.

Option one (1)
Simply click on the Team Players Tab, note you’ll be already added simply because you’re the Team Mod, click on select player and scroll down until you find your team member who has already signed up on the site. Once highlighted click add and press save, voila, that Team Member is now part of your squad.

Option two (2)
Underneath where is says Edit Team, click on ‘Players’, this will then direct you to the player list. This page is for adding Team Members who have NOT signed up on the website officially, but don’t worry, this is very very simple to complete.

To add a new Team Member click on ‘New’, and add the following;
In the ‘About Player’ section add their PSNID
Once saved you’ll be directed back to the Player List page. You’ll notice that the Team Member you’ve just created is now added on that page. To add that member to your team follow the steps in option one.

So by now, you should have registered yourself, your team, your team members and entered your team in to the experimental PS4 tournament. Well-done. Now the fun begins.

@L1NK Good?

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As awesome as this is, I’m upset that I can’t join the first week D:

What are the join times in weeks? Any time?

Teams are welcome to join whenever they like, that’s why this league system is so great, it’s so flexible.

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Aaand it’s off!

I’m waiting for what other competetive teams can bring. One thing is me developing a strategy, another one is effectively deploying it against a skilled Monster.


I just want to say that I love how far people are taking this game to bring out it’s full potential. Evolve is a perfect game to host competitive tournaments with, and I think this idea is fantastic!! :smiley: I love Evolve so much. I don’t even own the game, but I have played it, and when I do own it, I’ll be sire to form my own team, and join the Evolve League. This is great. I think I’m over pumped for this. :blush:

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this might just be slightly genious. :smile:

also +1 for taggin yourself in your own post lol.

thanks a lot @CivRules looks good!

Here is a direct link to the how-to-guide


The majority like what we’ve done so far so now it’s on to phase two Lol…

Whats phase 2 my man? :smiley:

When does registration close for Xbox one session?

Season*…Sorry. Struggle Bus.

For PC, we close registration a week before but since the structure is different there might be different guidelines. Just try and be quick :stuck_out_tongue:

Also if anyone would like to help us admin the tournament and is level headed please feel free to hit me up :smile:

So there is no closing for the Xbox session…? haha

Personally, I have no knowledge of how the Xbox League/Tourney works. I was kinda hoping we could streamline everything for the platforms making it easier for people to get involved no matter their platform. We’ll see how things go, I’ve not seen how far along the Xbox Moderators are.

I seeee. Thanks for the update man!

No problem. If I get any news i’ll update this thread accordingly…

xbone registration is open on our website too fathom!


Time to sign people no matter what platform you’re on!

FYI, the OP has been updated.

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so, is it gonna be on stream?

I have no idea, i’m only assisting with the PS4 platform.