Evolve "Lay the Ghost to Rest" Trailer [WIP]


Hey guys, I started a fan trailer and thought I’d share it with you guys! I’d like to make it a bit longer, but that’s about what I can get done before I need to hit the hay. I’d love to hear constructive criticism because I’m always looking to improve.

Enjoy nonetheless!

Evolve “Lay the Ghost to Rest” Trailer


if you’re looking for criticism I think you cut to black a little too much. I know it’s to try to sync the scenes with the music to your liking, but it was noticeably bothersome to me. It was a cool trailer other than that. I like trailers that don’t go with the traditional hype train rock music


Gotcha, yeah I was thinking that as it was uploading. I’ll see if I can weave in a few more related clips so that it doesn’t have to cut as much. I’ve only put a couple hours into it so it’s not at all polished yet, but I like to put some stuff up for people to enjoy and avoid the pre-alpha-email drudgery xD


I like it. I think it flows well. Cut to black is honestly not too bad. I would recommend getting rid of some of it, but keeping some of the ones that are well utilized.


That was great! Really like seeing fan-made trailers of games and that was no exception so nice job! I agree with the other two about the “fade to black” thingy but that’s it, really!


I think you definitely used the right combination of clips that suited the music.
I might just go make my own now…