Evolve Late Night Gaming PC Stage 2


I’m planning on gaming some Evolve Stage 2 action late tonight on PC. If anyone is interested feel free to hit me up on Steam. Steam ID: SledgePainter.

If I get a full group we can rotate out monster…nobody has to monster if they don’t want to. Probably be on aprox. 8 or 9 pm CST and go all night.


oh face

I’ll prally be there as well.


I’m already on the game and I found your profile! Shall I add you or just join you once you connect to the game?


You can feel free to add me.


I’m fucking rusty, but I can join in as monster. I’ve been needing to get back into playing.



Plus, it’s been like months since I haven’t played again. I did a game right now and I’m not depleased.


I’m going to put on Legacy as well in case we want to do any shenanigans there as well.


It’s currently midnight in France and I usually sleep around 2 to 3 a.m and wake up at 12 a.m.
8 or 9 pm CST is 3 a.m in France…I don’t think I’d be able to stay all night without seeing my parents waking up randomly though…


I won’t be able to go all night, BUT I still want to play


Welp…I’m gonna play a bit of Burnout Paradise until the event start.


You tell me when it starts?


I’ll keep you guys posted.


In fact, you didn’t need to reply. I saw your notification on Steam


Quing up now…come on along to play whenever guys.


hunt or arcade, i can monster it up for you all


We’ve finished a bit early but next time we can get you in. I didn’t check back here until we finished, so send me a friend request so we can next time we do this.

Also, here is a photo from the recent hunting expedition…

(Sorry, @MaddCow…all he ever really wanted was hugs.)


Kind of bummed I was unable to get in for the first session. By the time I noticed your game invitation, I had already started working with my sister on something. Hopefully I won’t be busy next time!


Will this be streamed?


Ah, yeah. It was when I was downed and had the sudden death. There wase also a bush on my face so I couldn’t see anything. The picture though!


I think possibly Maddcow recorded it in his archive under Twitch Madcowqq.

Ah, here it is if this link works: