Evolve kodi build


Just want to visit some Evolve-content and found this: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=P_3TPxuGrvs
Cause I have no clue about this kind of stuff I want to leave this here and ask for some opinions.


I don’t get it, what is this?



I don’t know, I guess maybe a team build


A kodi build is a kind of system to create an own home-theater. Seams like this guy created one with an evolve themed overlay.


Ohhh, that’s pretty neat then!

Edit: With the knowledge below, a bit less neat. :confused:


Yes I found loads of people reviewing this a few weeks ago as it came up in my suggested videos. Basically, its some TV add on for people to live stream stuff that has stolen the Evolve name. I asked @mizx who didn’t know anything of it.

I emailed it to 2K’s copy right department as I imagine they don’t particularly want their game advertised as a TV live stream add on.

If you look further in to it there are quite a few random you tubers reviewing this add on who have no clue what the game is and were pronouncing characters names in the most dumb way. One I recall called Abe Abbie and another called Kraken Kraykon.


Abe gender-bent variant?


Hhahah Confirmed!


Skip to 1:30


O ok. Didn’t know about that. Thought it was a kind of fan-creation.


So they stole some of the Evolve properties? I was super confused about everything I just watched.