Evolve keeps crashing


my game has crashed 5 times within the last 30 min


Hey man can you elaborate a bit more?

First of all your PC specs would help a dev to check what kind of machine you have and also have you checked your temperatures?

And most importantly.Does the crash says something?Like DEVICE_HUNG or something?


It happens on my xbone when it crashes the game just quits and i am forced to the home screen


Maybe @MajorLeeHyper can help you.

I have no idea about xbox.


We’re going to need a lot more info to help here. What are you doing when the game crashes?


I was in the middle of a solo game playing as wraith one time the other as behemoth


If you’re looking for like software idk about that stuff


This happens to me too, but it is a very rare occurrence. I was playing online with randoms earlier as Torvald and was nearing the end of the round when it happened. I was chasing the Monster when my Xbox went to the home screen as if I had pressed the ‘Home’ button and ‘Quit’ Evolve. When you normally ‘quit’ a game you have to wait about 5 seconds to start it again, but when Evolve ‘crashes’ you can start the game back up straight away which is quite strange.

I don’t think there is a lot more to note, but if it happens again I’ll try and record it.


Its been a while since it happened, then it happens twice in 30 minutes, and I would record it but idk how to get it from my xbone to like a computer or something


I think you can use this site. http://www.xboxclips.com/
When you make a clip I think it goes to this site too as well as saving on your Xbox. Never used it before though as I have never made a video so I may have gotten it wrong. :smile:


Okay just to mention, I don’t have an xbone, just a PC. But I use windows and both are Microsoft based so hoping this helps to a certain extent.

Try shutting down and unplugging the xbox while a few minutes then load up again.

Reasoning: When I get repeated program crashes I tend to shutdown and unplug my PC for a bit. Used to be 30seconds, but some motherboards hold a charge a bit longer (Which is extended by certain power supplies) so I’ve retained to do a 5minute wait while unplugged by default. It has to do with the way the system uses the memory and if anything gets…jumbled, the system will sometimes attempt to read a part of the memory that has no data, the wrong data or just corrupt data.

The memory itself maintains data when electricity is continuously flowing so restarting and a standard shutdown of a PC doesn’t always work. This is why I unplug for a few minutes. Its just how memory works regardless of the OS though.

No idea if this will help, but likely couldn’t hurt.

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Thank you, I will try that when i get home