Evolve keeps crashing! Please help


It always crashes when I try to play online. I can still play against Bots (Yay family) in solo mode, but even there it randomly crashes and if I reach the point where I win or lose a game, It will crash no matter what.

I can live with starting up Evolve after every single crashed game, but since it is not saving any of my progress it keeps me from unlocking anything. It makes me sad. :cry:

Please someone help.


Updating NVidia driver solved this issue.


Google’d it:



The video card has been physically removed from the system, or a driver upgrade for the video card has occurred. The application should destroy and recreate the device. For help debugging the problem, call ID3D10Device::GetDeviceRemovedReason.

(ie, ensure card is seated properly and if not on the latest drivers, update. If you are, consider a rollback)


Usually this error comes from bad GPU Drivers or out of date ones. If those new Nividia drivers are not out yet, it might just be a matter of waiting till tomorrow when they are…


@AegisKleais @worksa10 Alright, so perhaps all I need is the Nvidia drivers?

A what? :stuck_out_tongue:


A driver rollback. Some people upgrade to drivers, and the driver is the issue, so “rollback” refers to you "roll"ing “back” to the previous, stable driver.


oh, okay. ^^