Evolve Jokes TIER 1


The rules of Da thread:

  1. Must be funny
  2. Follow rule number one
  3. Be careful with what you say please
  4. Use this format please
  5. Follow rule number two

What do you get when a Behemoth is rolling at your team?

You get a Strike.


Here we go again. :stuck_out_tongue:

Umm. Behemoth came…like a…wrecking ball?



The chances of you not getting hurt for that are Slim.

What’s the difference between Bucket and a Toaster, a Toaster can be useful!


@Spanners I think you should go to “Evolve Puns STAGE 2” heres the link.

So Hyde + Bucket right :smile:


Seems like you didn’t follow rule number 5.


How many Daisys do you need o fill a Bucket?

One. Because one Daisy is also filled with alot of love.