Evolve: It doesn't work, its not supported by 2k, it's not refundable


I have to say, in the 15 years that I’ve been playing videogames… I have never seen such a fiasco on a game. Let me describe my situation.

First of all let me clarify: I’m playing on STEAM.

In the first day that I bought the game everything was fine, I played and played and went lvl 13. Next day, I play and play, reach lvl 16 log out and go to bed. The third day I log in and I was rolled back in the progress of my first day, meaning I log in and find out that I was lvl 13 again with all the unlocks that I had gotten past the first day lost.

I submit a support ticket (at that point I found out that many people had rollback issues) and keep on playing. From that point on I realized the game was not saving my progress at all. Every-time I logged out and back in my progress was LOST.

At that point I started hoping the support will help me, next day the support answers and they ask me to “present” the problem to them with a video (completely stupid since progress rollback is NOT something you can easily catch on video) however for my “good” luck I found out that the progress problem was replicate-able, every-time I play a game and log out and back in my progress won’t get saved. At this point and after 1 back and forth message I reply them with the following video:

You can clearly see my progress getting erased.
After that they take a few days to answer and finally they come back with the following:

“Thank you so much for your patience in this matter. As we explained
to you earlier, unfortunately we will not be able to grant you back your
lost progression like level, perks, badges or mastery.
However, I have just enabled all characters to be unlocked for you.
Please make sure that you log off and back in to the game as well as
note that it can take up to 2 hours for these character unlocks to show
up on your account.
We apologize for the inconvenience that the loss of your progression
has caused you and hope that this “make-good” character unlock will
allow you to pick up the hunt again.

I think everyone got that… When I asked the guy why there will be no progress restoration and what is the point of playing with all characters if I will STILL get my progress erased and if I had any refund option, he replied:

“Like it was explained in the last message we are unable to give you
ranks, perks or progression back. That’s why we unlocked the characters
as a compensation for the issue. You should not lose your progression
. If you still want a refund you can contact your retailer.
Thank you.”

At that point and despite the fact that 8 days have passed with the game being a vicious unplayable circle, I decided to give it a go, after all I had all character and I was reassured that “I should not lose any progress again”. Ok I guess… lets give it a go…

And guess what?

NOT only they haven’t fixed it but they are patronizing/taunting me.

After 10 days (20/2/15) (they miss 1 since it’s a different time zone)

Those were the solutions that they offered me. 10 days with an unplayable game in my hands and they stopped answering. There is no refund option (my retailer as ANY other retailer doesn’t offer refunds on digital products).
I feel 100% robbed out of my money, 2k is a huge joke and same thoughts on the devs that managed to deliver a broken from all aspects game after so many years of development.

I really have lost all hope of getting my money’s worth or even my damn money back.

I have NEVER in my entire multy year gaming “career” have been robbed out of my money on something THAT broken with THAT nonexistent support.

After Pokemon Red/Blue all damn games online or not have been able to SAVE the progress…


EDIT - I know about
This post

This post

And this post

Also I verified game cache and even reinstalled the game. My dxDiag was never asked from the support however my PC is more than capable of running the game just fine in all aspects.

The only thing I haven’t tried is replicating the error on a different PC.


well, found the problem


Yeah let met just buy a PS4 really quick, so I can enjoy the damn game…


you could always read around the forums. im in the middle of something otherwise id tell you what and where to look.


I’ve been bleeding my eyes out in the forums days now… At some point I gave up trying but in ENRAGES me when I think about they money I gave for this game. It’s not damn f2p title, it’s actually one of the most expensive games in the market if you factor in that half the game costs as much and the rest is DLC (however that’s a different topic).

They at least owed it to us either to either be a “perfect” release (meaning no huge game breaking bugs existed), either to support the damn game accurately (have a mechanism in place so the support can be more flexible) or finally if they had a clear policy on refunds. They can’s steal my money on a non-working product, not support it and finally stop answering…

EDIT - Don’t throw me the classic “cliche” of no game is perfect and there will always be bugs, ofc they will be I’m talking about huge ones like this one. A fkn proper beta test could have a helped. People reportedly brought that problem up (about progress erasing) even back in Alpha.


Its a known issue and a patch is currently in testing to fix it according to the devs.


I’m guessing that is not a “known Issue” since there were none or very few progress resets on Steam.

Take it from this post:

Nowhere it’s mentioned that Steam progress erase is a known issue, probably It’s a similar issue? Idk…


I’m actually really sorry you had to deal with that. It seems the people that answered to you gave off a bit of a condescending vibe, and they did not really answer your -real- issue; your progress was lost.

I’ve seen the devs mention that they -will- make it up to the players who lost their progress when they fix the issue. I suppose taking a break from the game is also an option, until we know for sure it won’t happen again, and hopefully all progress will be restored.

The devs said they have access to the accounts and that they will know who lost progress and who didn’t-- so they won’t just give non-existant progress to players who try to take advantage of this. So hang in tight. You’ll get your progress back. It’s a matter of time.


These are all quotes from the devs found here on the forums.


@4:36pm 2/19
Still being tested. We had to roll the solution for restoring progression into the patch so that took a little bit of time. Had a bug with that yesterday. Just integrated the fix. Now hopefully everything starts pushing through QA towards release. I’ll have some details of how this whole thing is going to work soon.


Yeah, hatching a plan to give players back rank, mastery, badges, etc.

We think we can confirm players who lost progression on our side, so we shouldn’t need to worry about players with bogus tickets.


I’ll find out. I know there were a number of issues that are fixed in the patch. We are still figuring out exactly what we’re going to be able to do for players who lost stuff. I’ll let you know what the options are when I know.


I agree. Your time spent in the game is really valuable. I would be frustrated too, so I don’t mind the venting. I just wanted to come here to try to give you an update of where we are. The shadow problem should be fixed in the same update.


Fix as in, it won’t get reset anymore due to finding and fixing bugs.

@ReleaseDaKraken Nothing is set in stone yet as far as I know. Last I heard we were trying to find ways to restore lost progression but that it may be required to go through 2K support, at least at first until we can get a tool to do it here. Hang in there. We’ll figure this out.


It’s rarely as simple of a problem (or solution) as people think it is.


They do have a forums. I’ve never been over there but I’m sure people are pissed there too. 2K knows it’s an important issue. They’re working on it just as hard as we are, they just aren’t in a position to talk as openly as I am.

The patch is in testing. I am confident that we’ll fix the problem soon, but then we need to make it up to the players who lost stuff. I don’t know what the solution is yet but we’ll figure something out. I know time is burning away meanwhile. Just hang in there, I want this as bad as you do.


That’s what we’re working hardest on! As gamers ourselves, we absolutely get it. Progress reset is… heart breaking. I’ve been there.

Currently, we’re working our tails off to fix the issue so we can prevent it from happening to others. While we don’t have a way to give progress back (currently), we’re trying to stop this from happening as hard (and as fast) as we can.

I know it’s not the best thing to hear “soon” but, trust me, this is currently our priority. Followed closely by balance/progression etc.


I hope it’s possible to see, even from the quotes you have from 4 different people, that we’re all (2K and TRS) deeply invested in getting this resolved as soon as possible. It’s true, we’re working around the clock, tirelessly on this issue.


The game has been out for 10 days. Hotfixes for that widespread of a bug while amazing would be nothing short of miraculous. Your issue is that it’s unplayable. They said that you should be able to play any character, and I didn’t see any refutation of that. By level 15 it’s highly unlikely you unlocked more than half the tier 3 characters as it is.

I’d say you got a pretty good end of the deal. You have the downside of being able to progress and unlock characters, with the upside of having every character unlocked. Granted you can’t unlock the skins but that’s cosmetic. The extra damage is also negligible. Leaderboard information? The leaderboard is a joke and not worth your time anyhow.

I’d suggest verifying your game files just to see if there’s anything missing. It’s entirely possible that it could be part of the problem, it’s also the go to step for every game on steam before you get up in arms.

I’d also like you to revisit your definition of unplayable. You clearly are able to play and enjoy the game, you just choose the path of least resistance and bitch about some part of the game that’s NOT gameplay. Yes unlocks and mastery is fun, no it’s not integral to being able to play and enjoy a game.

I’ll use the same logic I’ve used before. Look at every fucking triple A shooter, blockbuster, or in general massive game that’s been released the past year to two years. In lay mans terms they don’t owe you shit, and still delivered an overall better product than massive development companies.

They never stole your money, and I’m sure being amiable would go a long fucking way to them trying to respond. But given the current tone of your posts you haven’t been.

Finally, be patient. They at least tried to help you make the game more enjoyable after you did encounter bugs instead of just ignoring your complaint entirely.


See @StainPain. had you bothered looking you would have found this.

What games don’t cost 60$ bucks at release anymore anyways. unless its some shitty game with 5 hours of content on steam all games are 60$. If this is the case then justifying a purchase for any game is impossible; seeing as they are all “too expensive”


I really don’t care about my progress, Ive lost a couple of levels (ofc it would be nice to get them back). However my issue is that the game IS NOT ABLE TO SAVE at any point. Not the classic level 1-negative progress that exists on Xbox

I don’t really think that it’s in ANY way justifiable to practially take my damn money, 10 days not offer me a viable service and then not offer me a refund. This is a huge joke.


I have been posting on that topic long before you found it.

60$ for a half finished/low shelf life full of DLC game is not justifiable. Don’t ask me about it thought, that is not just my opinion, its hundreds of thousands of people that said that before me.

Stop being condescending jerks and realize its not the xbox problem , I’m on steam and its probably a different deal. The support supposedly said that there is no rollback problem anymore for me. yet there is
That tells me they have no Idea whats going on.


Why not give an XP boost over the weekend to compensate in the meanwhile instead of restoring everyones shit via support which obviously takes like 10 days lol. It’s like shipping supplies accros the globe instead of directly because it’s cheaper. Get into the program please 2K and act fast, before you bring another shitstorm upon Evolve, you seem to be really good at that…


I really don’t get why should you be condocending and generally so fkn annoying. What’s your business here? Just to anger me?

Extra damage is negligible? I don’t really think so in any world of gaming thats true.

All shooter blockbusters that I bought haven’t had a single problem even close to that bad. Yeah glitches and bugs will exist BUT NOTHING SO BAD

Also my opinion is that It’s unplayable when I cannot progress, what is the point of playing in a vicious cycle? I never asked for all the characters to be unlocked neither for my progress.

Also ofc I verified game files and I even re-installed completely. How could you even jump to the conclusion that I didn’t?

Why are you TRYING to force your opinions when you don’t even know me OR don’t completely understand the subject matter???

Stop being a TRS fun-boy and if u don’t have something helpful for me, please refrain from answering to this posts anymore.


I’m responding as you’re responding. Be less aggressive and I won’t speak with the slightest edge.

You can’t play both the poor victim and the righteously angry. Why do you think people are having a hard time not coming off as condescending to you? It’s because you alternate between trashing people and accusing them of attacking you.

The 2% damage bonus you get for tier one might stack ridiculously, but provides no noticeable benefit. Negligible definitely applies.

I never “jumped” to a conclusion, I simply suggested something. If you’ve done so then a simple “Already tried that” works wonders.

Yeah there have been some pretty bad bugs. They’re all a matter of opinion I suppose. If you truly enjoy playing for completion then I can understand how annoying it can be. But being impatient doesn’t help anything.