Evolve issues


do u guys have experience that when you tried to play evolve in single mode, the hunter just all taken and the monster keep loading…


Hasn’t happened to me.

How many times has it happened? Any specific maps or characters? What platform? Multiplayer as well?


always happened to me, i cant play the game since it was bought,boughtit from steam, multiplayer cant find any player then


But you don’t know if it’s happened on Multiplayer because you haven’t gotten a match?

I’d tag Pc people but I don’t know many.

@deanimate :stuck_out_tongue: Idk.


Sounds like a job for someone who isn’t looking at cats. @Shaners perhaps?


u guys pls check it out!!!!
this is the issues i met


I came across this post but that is a weird video. Maybe @GentlemanSquirl would have an idea why this would happen?
It never happened to me on PC so I dunno.


@ArPharazon @MrStrategio @Insane_521 @LadieAuPair
Your help is needed! :neutral_face:

His game is completely broken and unplayable.


Could you please post you system specs. That would be helpful for the dev(eloper)'s. :slight_smile:


Huh. First time I’ve seen this. Let me think about it. Right now I don’t have anything to recommend other than trying a reinstall.


I have another idea how you could fix the game yourself:

look at that :wink:


Yes, Verify Integrity is the way to go. It is more likely to succeed than a reinstall.

OP’s files must be badly corrupted. I don’t know why it would hobble along like that and not just crash.


Did you just say I’m right? ^^
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Yes. Verify Integrity should be the first thing anyone tries when having a bizarre problem with a game on Steam.


This is faintly familiar to me, but the issue was slightly different if I remember correctly. Curious to know if the verify integrity works for you. If not I’ll look into another solution.


guys i jave asked for some help before and i verify integrity for few times,but it still doesn’t work.


i have reinstall before.i really have no idea why this happened…


Have you tried to reinstall the game but changed the download region? Steam>Settings>Downloads+Cloud>Download Region


i didnt try it, i will do that, thanks


Choose a different Asian country first and if that doesn’t work, try to choose US/Australia/Russia instead.