Evolve isnt working


Why isnt it working multiplayer option is grayed out and solo isnt grayed out but i can just play the tutorial and it says in the side “downloading fusion plant 85%”


Anyone ? Help me


I don’t know what the problem is but try posting in the bug section.


the game is still installing.


I have the same problem. It’s been at 88% for about 5 hours now. Can’t play anything but the tutorial.


Same bug, stuck at “Downloading Fusion Plant” at 88%. On a PS4. I’m hoping this gets escalated as it’s a showstopper, and there’s no way I know of to restart the process.


For what it’s worth, I completely uninstalled from my PS4 drive (bought the digital copy), and then went thru and cleaned a lot of old games off the drive to make more space (in case there was any sort of hardware space/allocation/corruption issue). Redownloaded/reinstalled. Froze on the main screen again, same message - 76% for a bit, then 80%, then stuck permanently.

I really think this is on their end. Solo is fine, just no multiplayer because the map download servers are borked.


Same here! is it fixed for you yet?


After leaving the PS4 on all night and part of the day (planned on giving things a few days post-launch for the server traffic to settle down), I noticed that it had managed to get back to a normal main title screen again. So yea, maybe it works now. Haven’t tested for sure though, waiting on spouse to return from fundage acquisition.