Evolve is up for IGN Best Shooter of 2015! Let's vote! ❤


Evolve was nominated for best shooter, so, let’s share our love for this game and vote!!! :heart_eyes:


Done :grinning:


Voted! Pretty sure Splatoon with win though.


Can one really call a 3D shooter a real shooter?
Not that is matters because it’s already nominated, but…

Anyway, my bet is on CoD with Hardline second, not because any of them were especially good but they have the highest fanbases. Voting for Evolve myself though.


Can’t wait to see the flood of Evolve’s supposed dead fanbase…


I’m excited to see Evolve get a max of 1000 votes to


Oh wait… You were being sarcastic.
Just so you know, I wasn’t.

Evolve is still an amazing game though :wink:


I did my duty !





Done. Fingers crossed evolve wins, but I doubt it will. Still, gotta be optimistic right? :smile:


Voted! Also posted about it in the Evolve XB1 group. :smile:


done. done done done. need some more press for this awesome game.


I voted! thats about the only thing ill vote for in my life :smile:


You could also write in for best MP, visuals, vocal performance, etc if you were so inclined.


COD for the win, because player base.


CoD sucks. They need a total overhaul of the game before I touch that trash again.


C’mon guys! Let’s vote!


Pinning this for a while :blush:


Yay! Evolve! Love this game and really hope that it gets the underdog win <3


I voted, so did my girlfriend!!! Time to go buy my dog a cell phone so he can vote.


Voted with confidence