Evolve is unplayable for me, due to black screen bug

If I start evolve, all the menus and loading screens seem fine. However, once I load into game, I get presented with either a completely black screen (with HUD intact) if I’m a Hunter, or I see the monster sat on spawn point unable to move if I play that. If I play monster, all future game show the same image of monster sat on spawn point, even if I change the monster in the lobby or am on a different map. Occasionally I also see coloured squares at the top of the screen, and sometimes the screen flickers black and white rapidly. I have an imgur album of screenshots of it happenng here http://imgur.com/a/lNMUu. Changing graphics and V-sync do nothing at all. I haven’t been able to pay in the last three days.

Please first check the following link, pay particular attention to the Verify Integrity and User Data sections of that topic.

Already did both, and then I uninstalled and re-installed to be sure, but the bug still persists. I don’t think it’s a problem with my machine, as that has already run evolve successfully several times, but am unsure.

I had this. I went into graphics settings and reset everything to default. Then my black screen went away.

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