Evolve is turning off my monitor (and crashing other PC functions and parts)



I’ve played Evolve in its Alpha and Beta stage and never encountered any such thing. When the game came out, I played it for about 60 hours before it began to present this issue, and it was in the middle of a random match, without it having been made available any patch or update in that moment.

The game first hung up for a long period of time (about three minutes), without refreshing any information on the screen, just playing sounds.
When it came back, the health bar and the armor bar as the Monster were frozen, they wouldn’t go up or down nor mark any damage taken. I finished the match usually and progressed to play another match. At the beginning of the match, my monitor turned off. When I alt+tabbed, the screen returned momentarily (about a second and a half) and then dropped dead again. I then managed to force quit the game, but the problem persisted.

I restarted my computer… Only the problem was still present, even on the BIOS setup. I shut down my PC, and then booted it once more, and it was gone. Then I tried verifying the game’s cache integrity through Steam, I updated my drivers, and I tried running other games. Everything seemed normal.

Then I attempted to run the game again. In the very first loading screen, while playing the 2k logo introduction, my monitor shuts down again. Once more, I’ve quit the game, rebooted the computer, and then shut it down, because the problem persists even on boot. I’ve found out, on successive attempts, that turning the power for the monitor off and turning it on again reveals the screen for a brief moment as well as alt+tabbing, and I used this to change graphical configurations in-game. I tried changing V-Sync and resolutions, but nothing seemed to work.

Then I looked for problems similar to mine in the TurtleRockStudios forum, and I found people with the same or very similar issue. By recommendation from some of the users, I utilized GeForce Experience to configure the game’s settings from outside, and I applied a command line to the game’s launching file (-autoconfig). That seemed to have solved the issue. I can play the game fine from beginning to end, as far as I don’t change any graphical configuration and especially so the resolution. I only tried reducing the resolution, not raising it, but it sets the black screen condition all over again, and this condition is persistent. In the last few times it happened, it stayed on the computer even after removing the GPU, resetting the BIOS and pulling the bloody power from the PC. And then it just comes back after a few attempts turning it off and on.

Now, I kept playing like this for some time, until I had to alt+tab the game, and it crashed my entire computer. Now I can’t even launch my Windows were the game was installed because it sets a chain of crashes. Everything that isn’t connected to game, works absolutely fine!

Evolve is the only game that is causing this, and I have played the game for many hours before on those conditions. My computer is working as it should with everything else and no software accuses any error. I can’t play the game anymore due to it being able to crash my entire PC."

That was basically the ticket I’ve sent to 2K support. I can’t play Evolve! Nor use my Windows were it is installed, now.