Evolve Is Too Broken To Enjoy


I will keep this short. I enjoyed the Evolve big alpha beta, it was smooth (for me at least) and I did not run into any issues. Now that the game has officially launched, I spend more time tying to get in a game then I do playing a game.

  • Server/Matchmaking Issues.
  • Losing connection when in party.
  • Not being able to find games.
  • Wanting to join an Evacuation game, but get put in a Skirmish (Hunt).
  • When everyone else leaves in Evacuation the game ends and you don’t get to finish.
  • Voice audio bugs.
  • Progress being reset, whether it be character related, or leaderboard related.

Those are the main problems that I can currently think of. It is becoming extremely frustrating trying to play this game and I hope TRS can find a solution for those problems quickly.

If anyone has anymore important bugs/gliches that need to be addressed or have experienced any of these, comment here!


Which platform are you on? I’m on PC here, and I’ve never once had any of these issues.


Xbox One. It seems the problems mostly exist on the Xbox One from what I’ve been reading.


Yeah… Who would’ve thought. I was certain that XbOne was the main platform.

Let’s hope there’s a hotfix released soon.