Evolve IS the danger


Evolve is going to be good. The reason I know that is because I’ve already, between the 2 alphas and technical test, played more hours on 5 levels of it than I have of Skyrim entirely. Literally almost as many hours as I played L4D. It’s not a question in the same category as review embargoes or shady DLC/preorder pressure before you’ve even seen one review of the game. Those things are normally shady because they get you to buy the game before you’ve even seen honest gameplay or a neutral party’s reaction to the game. I have my own dozens of hours of reactions to it as do thousands of other people. I am competent enough to decide, based on that, whether or not it’s worth the same amount of money as every other non-indie major title coming to market.

I’ve played almost a hundred hours of a game I only had access to a section of and haven’t paid a dollar for. Not worth $60 because there “isn’t enough content”? $5 discount on content they plan to make by buying it early is worth cancelling preorder? A couple of extra skins or early unlocks by preordering it through a retailer have you so angry you are offended? Then move along. If you want to wait for Steam sales - Do that. If you don’t want DLC and don’t want to support the business model - Don’t buy it. If you don’t want to buy DLC before it’s revealed - Play with it against bots and decide if it’s worth the money then.

The fact of the matter is that we’ve gotten so used to such good treatment that it’s started to feel normal and people are so entitled they want more and more.

Where else do you frequently have the opportunity to talk directly to the developers, writers, testers, designers, programmers or anyone who made the game? You can literally tag the owners of the company and they will respond to you, sometimes within minutes. You can complain about how much you hate trapjaws and they will tell you why they made them that way or hunt for a logo jpg or voiceover snippet and paste it into the thread.

We can watch multiple full games play out every friday live since months before the game is out

We got 3 long weekends to play a fully working stable build of a game months before release online with friends and a steam preload period as well.

The inter-connectivity of the classes with the monster and both with the environment is at a balanced level like few games I’ve ever seen. Wraith needs nerf or not it’s all just adjusting variables - the thing is, the game works so well we just take so much of it for granted.

Kraken felt too powerful in the big alpha and by the beta he was so much more fun to hunt and a lot more challenging to play vs a cohesive team.

We literally have gotten changelog notes on a game that isn’t even released because people asked nicely.

We’ve gotten telemetry graphs of damage and heatmaps of player travel because TRS thought we’d be interested.

The game will do fine, I don’t know if it’ll be on the lower or higher end of fine but it will be fine. The only danger in relation to Evolve is that for every future game I’m going to feel like normal studios are giving us a raw deal. Pitching preorder bonuses without seeing full matches or letting users play it. The basic communication of some blog posts about the game on the developer’s website. A couple gameplay vids that show you the concept of the game in practice with some dev commentary. I get that there are studios and games in the past that have had some of the things listed here but all of them? Evolve’s development and transparency casts a big shadow and it’s going to be tough for most future games to stand as tall.

TRS spent years building a great product and are letting us buy it. Stop acting like they owe us more than they’ve already bent over backwards to give.


Initially having groaned and thought “another thread needing to be consolidated” that’s an impressive piece of work, almost to the point of it deserving being pinned as the sum of all remotely-decent arguments there are.



Seriously though, I doubt the game is in any danger. It might look like people is hating on it now, but I doubt that it will last for long after the release and the game gets to speak for itself.

There’s not a lot of people who is aware of this forum even existing. I’ve been following this game from the very start but only found the forum recently(December). So while it does boost our confidence in Evolve and TRS, it only really affects those of us who actually finds it.


Well said! love it!


My thoughts exactly!


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I thought it said evolve is the DONGER. lol


If Evolve is the danger, then…


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I love you and I love your post. Well said.


Yeah… After all we’ve been given by the devs and community (that in fairness not all gamers are aware of, such as this forum) it’s really difficult to witness the reactions of some who deem it to be ‘not be good enough’. The same people that choose to perceive an act of giving (e.g. DLC discounts) as some form of punishment should they not partake in the practice (paying full price is no punishment).

It all stems from a place of dissatisfaction towards the industry, alongside a growing sense of entitlement from those who can’t distinguish one game developer/publisher or business model (F2P/AAA) from another. Throw in a tendency for most people to follow the masses instead of seeking the truth through their own means by questioning authority (media/industry celebs in this case) and you’re left with a bunch of ignorant, frustrated and delusional individuals incapable of appreciating what’s being offered. You can lead a horse to water, blah blah…


I honestly haven’t seen a dev team I have liked more than this one. Turtle Rock is doing things right, but people are too blind to whats in front of them. I honestly feel like I’m cheating them out of money even though I already spent $100 on the PC Monster Race (the game feels like it’s worth so much more). The game already gave me 50 hours or so of fun, it’s the 1st game that I actually had a memorable dream about.


Alright, now somebody needs to replace walter’s head with the evolve logo or goliath’s head.



OH my god. i cant stop laughing “danger danger” lol
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I’m so glad I know this exists now.


My bro and I had a conversation on steam about evolve earlier.
He is a high level League of legends player.
He understands.

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nice! “guys hurry up we gotta kill the monster our league match proly started!”

" what league match? shut up and focus!"


He continued to say “If it effects league, the #1 game atm, It has to be big.”


during the beta we got to…number 4 or 5 on twitch. thats not bad considering it was only the beta. hopefully more high profile youtubers get on. like angryshow showed high interest but never jumped on the press release packages. not sure why. some say he is focusing on game reviews more. so hell do it once it comes out. but we need more. leagues top averages 7-8 thousand ppl. and when the stars get on…theres no hope bjergerson averages 40k …WTF 40k! thats more than some profession sports games lol.