Evolve is setup perfectly for a Horde mode!


Perhaps its just me but from the first time I played the alpha I just felt this game could lend itself so well to a horde type mode. Kind of like the first Predator movie when they decided to stop running and Bobby trap the jungle, and wait for the enemy to come to them. 4 hunters with defensive positions and perimeters that could be setup taking on wave after wave of wildlife and monsters. Pl


If we include wildlife that would mean mammoth birds :scream:
I could see minions working out but wave after wave of baby Goliaths would get dull I think ^.^

I’m guessing you’re thinking more along the lines of the end cutscene of evac?


Not really the end scene of Evac that’s all for show can’t see anyway of that working out for actual gameplay. Not sure really but I’m nit talking about a competitive mode more co-op mode vs Ai waves, and monsters should only show up during boss waves.think defense mode only more fleshed out with objectives thrown into the mix. Lets say you have a main encampment that has to be defended but you have to gather supplies outside of its perimeter while packs of blitzlripards and other wildlife hunt you, skys the limit with what they could do with a horde mode. Anyone who played gears of war knows after a while its nice to take a break with a few pals and just wreck AI waves lol.


They could send wildlife after the hunters, or even a monster. There’s that aggressive wildlife evac buff; they could just use that and make some specially made maps. There are also ai monsters, minions, colonists, and ai hunters.


Ooo teams of hunters battling it out over map resources, winners have to defend at the end against a buffed up AI monster. Man there’s just so many ideas so much that could be and shoulda been done, I love hunt but it’s getting stale


I like this idea ^.^
I’d like to see it put to a poll, wave after wave of nomads and mammoth birds O.o so cool lol