Evolve is on steam! sort of


It looks like evolve is on steam but you can’t buy it just yet. http://store.steampowered.com/app/273350/


It’s been there for like a year or something :stuck_out_tongue:


Yah i guessed, :stuck_out_tongue: I just noticed it


Still waitting to pre-order it tho.Steam is the only way for me to preorder games


I just generally prefer to use steam.


Yeah even if i could preorder somehow else it would still be steam.Having ur games together is the best.If i had battlefield 4 in steam i would play it twice as much,simply because i’m bored to open Origin


I don’t even remember my origin login D:


I always forget about my Origin games because they’re not in the list with Steam. I wonder if you can add them to the library and have it open Origin?? Never thought about trying that…


I’m waiting for steam to pre-order too.


me also, i mean i’ve been bought games on steam since 2004, no reason to go back to storage media like dvd and boxes just because of pre order bonus, i also think it’s not of this era anymore.


World is going all digital mate.


You could add the origin game as a non-steam game, that would allow you to use the steam overlay and launch it through the library, Plus all your friends would see what your playing, but people can’t join your game through the friends list D:


I hate that Origin/Uplay/Whatever has to be running if you have it installed as a steam game. Those overlays are freaking terrible.


do you have to run it off of steam if you don’t order it on steam?


If you buy the digital edition off of amazon, yes.


I want to know if I’ll be able to pre-order and participate in the Big Alpha by pre-ordering on Steam directly (currently not available). My Steam wallet has the money ready to pre-order since day one and I want to utilize it instead of purchasing it through Amazon and getting the download link. That is all.


I wish I could pre order it on steam too but Amazon gives you a steam key not a download link.


I don’t think Steam will give you a Big Alpha code. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t participate in Big Alpha. There are lots of multi-use codes floating around that give you a chance to get in the Big Alpha (not a guaranteed spot) and some people are still giving out single use codes which give you a really high chance of getting in.


Amazon does not charge until the item ships. Order it on Amazon and cancel the pre-order if you’re buying it elsewhere.


I just preordered it on amazon, now for the long wait till halloween :stuck_out_tongue: