Evolve is on Angryjoe's top ten Worst Games of This Year


It’s rather self explanatory. He hasn’t even given the game a chance and only talks about the DLC. He doesn’t say anything about game mechanics. He just blabs on for 2mins how the DLC sucks, not the actual game. It’s so frustrating seeing something like that. Knowing that that person has no idea how to play the game or any clue on how the DLC had little to no impact on the game at launch. It’s just sad.


well good for him he missed out because finally balance :slight_smile:


He did the same with his ‘review’. Just ignore the lad, he’s misinformed AF


Just remember that not everyone has time to read forums for all the information on all the game mechanics. Yes, I disagree with him about cosmetic DLC because that doesn’t hurt anyone and people need to let that shit go. I also disagree with his review. However, people are entitled to their opinions though. I will only give 1 warning in here. If it turns into shit talking or salt collectors I’m shutting it down.


Wasn’t my intention to start such things, I was just stating my opinion. I didn’t say he was wrong, just that it was rather sad to see someone like him not give this game a shot.


I was mostly referring to future comments :slight_smile:


Yeah, he gave Evolve 0 chance. He claims no story, he didn’t listen to the dialogue, He says you run around all the time, he needed better teammates or play today and try out arena, hates DLC but it’s cosmetic, complains about game but doesn’t talk about the mechanics or why it is half baked.


Just because people follow you on youtube and watch the ranting, raving things you post on the internet. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the rest of the world takes you seriously.


I’ve already posted enough on how I feel about AngryJoe, so instead I’ll say Evolve was one of my favorite games of 2015. :slightly_smiling:


Angry joe is an entertainer, not an actual reviewer. He takes his first impression, then he reacts to it and makes a video about it. For an example, an actual reviewer wouldn’t post footage from the Alpha and then complain about it… but that’s what Angry joe did, because he’s just an entertainer. That’s how he gets to pay his rent.

It’s just a shame he got such a large following and that people takes his word at face value.


It’s obvious people can’t discuss things like adults here. Yes, disagree with Joe but don’t shit talk him. You are doing the same thing that you are getting upset about him. Shit talking someone does not change things and makes you look hypocritical. For the record, I disagree with him but I can give him enough respect without having to resort to name calling or personal attacks.