Evolve is NOT Pay2Win


Here is my definition of pay2win. If the game has some specific content which can only be purchased with money, AND it gives you a significant advantage over people who don’t pay, that is Pay2Win.

Evolve content, while only purchaseable, does NOT give you an edge (ideally)

Each character is as viable as another, their strengths are just applied in other areas.

Evolve is only Pay2Win if they release Shrek as monster DLC and he shreks everyone. GG.


Thank goodness someone else understands😂, the dlc are not pre patch wraiths people lol.


wanna hear my arguement?

evovle is f2p. well besides buying the actual game. after that ALL content is free.

dc’s and rage quitting monsters means u have % chance of being behemoth.

hunters quit all the time. whether they are losing or do absurd stuff like ragequit after a single missed dome

meaning you have 4/12’s, or 1/3 of a chance to land a tier 4 hunter every time u queue up. seeing that most games start u in a match already occuring. u have a HIGH chance to play tier 4 without paying a dime.



Captain Obvious, I will disagree with you.

Behemoth DLC is a Pay-to-Lose


The “idealy” is what ruins it. Nothing is ever ideal.


Ideally meaning that nothing will be perfectly balanced at launch. With the new micropatch system I get the feeling that new balance can be tested and implemented VERY quickly


Just to say:

I understand why competitive people may call evolve Pay2Win, even though I disagree with them. It is always the case that the competitive scene finds the “ideal” mix of characters or weapons in a game. This is usually dealt with by the organisers of leagues and tournaments if the ideal mix includes something particularly overpowered (and is why ESL have said that tier 4 aren’t allowed for now…everyone needs time to make sure there isn’t inadvertent OPness)…

…however what happens if the “best” comp in terms of reliable results includes one or more tier 4 characters? This is why people may feel they “must” pay to remain competitive. They also don’t know how long it’ll take for balancing to take place (they’re unfairly citing the month waiting for the first balance patch, even though there are now going to be systems in place for quicker patching) and so don’t know if they will be at a “disadvantage” during that period if they don’t buy characters.

But we also know that TRS have no intention of letting strong comps from remaining a clear best choice, as can be evidenced by their Maggie, Cabot and Markov nerfs. So when it comes to these sort of things I don’t feel that it’s the developers issue to solve, it’s the competition organisers. If there is a comp of 4 that make the game too hunter favoured then the competition organisers should ban that comp, it’s that simple.

So if evolve ever is able to be called “Pay2Win” it is not because of the developers intention, but the lack of action by those managing the competitive scene :smile:


Say that out loud for lols… xD.

Also I agree with your post. Very well said.


I prefer to think of it as pay for preference.

Do you want to try different styles of play? Try this…

What I AM fearing is that this will lead to ideal parties…
Val+Abe+sunny= fast moving hunters with deny movement abilities.
Caira+Abe+Sunny= A REALLY fast moving party.

It’s already possible/suggested to develop a party synergy… I just worry that at some point, it might tip too much.
Looking at the telemetry data, a stage1 monster has a 20 chance of survival after being domed(or even domed twice if lucky). Stage2 has a 50% chance of winning the game. A stage3 monster has a 60% chance of winning… This seems really stacked against the monster… shouldn’t it be like 20/50/80 chance of winning?

But that’s a whole nother topic. Pre-planning = winning.


Stage 3 monsters have about 83% winrate if I’m not mistaken…


I don’t have a crystal ball and I don’t believe “feelings”. It might be that none of the chars are overly good and so it doesn’t matter… then again, if hypothetically Torvald becomes the new king of assaults new players could construe that as a mild form of P2W, though hopefully not by malice on the part of developers, just a miscalculation on how good he is.


Not pay2win? OK…


seems normal to me. parnell averages 20k+…actually every assault should be nearing 20k if the match is close.


Reality of the matter is, everything is pay2win. Life is pay2win. Best connection? Best computer/FPS? All DLCs? Pay the monster to take a dive? That said, I don’t see the DLCs here as pay2win.


Yeah, the damage is against everything, and if there’s one thing that mortars do it’s lots of splash damage.


I just leave my bucket turrets shooting eggs in the armor. Rack up that damage!

Straight screenshots tell nothing.

[Edit: I don’t really, but my dps on nest matches is MUCH higher than average because of how much more damage the eggs take]


15.5k mortars? That means 5k on monster. GG.
Stage mortars to 1 star, get 15k mortar damage and show the progression slide on the mortars for that game.

The more you know.

On a side note. Did 26k with Sunny today on a Kraken, probably 90% of it was monster related damage. However! Monster was a bit stupid, aftershock spec, walking on floor a lot, long game, running and getting armor. Got 2 strikes on all teammates but me. While I hid and nuked nuked nuked nuked nuked. Teammies were such bads that shield and jet boost couldn’t save them. So I just kept nuking. We won, thanks to yours truely. pats self on the back


26k with Sunny? prolly 5% of it was on monster…


But if 90% of it was on monster, obv Sunny is OP too.


First off, 90% monster. ;d
Secondly, you need to take in other factors. Like I mentioned, game length, bad monster, etc etc, me pro, etc. If you sit and shoot nonstop with any class you can get 20k. However most classes has other stuff to do, but if you don’t do those other stuff and you can live to stage 3. Well then you should be able to get those numbers.


I’m just wondering why you call my numbers into question, and then proceed to post your own unsubstantiated numbers.

But ah well.

Anyways, hunters op!!!