Evolve is my IDEAL game as long as matchmaking works smoothly


It’s awesome. DLC prices are reasonable and coming from Natural Selection 2, it’s my ideal game. TRS I know I’ve harped on respecting the Ps4 community, but as long as you keep our matchmaking working smoothly without problems of BF4 proportions, I’m in it for every DLC piece till the end.


During the Beta, I can say the matchmaking was preeeeetty smooth. There was a small bug with parties, but if I understand correctly, it has since been fixed!

I look forward to hunting you down on Feb. 10th!


My experience with matchmaking was miserable in Beta.

80% of the time went like this: I was in a 2-man party, I was +20 levels above my teammate, and on average, it took well over 5 minutes of waiting before we were put into a lobby. And that lobby only contained 1 other person, who was invariably the monster. So after 5+ minute waits, we were put into no-win situations because we always had 2 bots on our side.

There are things Evolve does well and things they do not. For me, matchmaking was an exercise in frustration, and the overall time from wanting to play, to being in a game, seems very very long. You wait to get somewhere where you wait to load into something where you wait to enter the game that starts you off by waiting through a 30s drop sequence.

And yeah, I’m an impatient person.


Evolve seems to be in a bigger and at the same time smaller version of ns2. In both games positioning is important and the matchmaking could use a little bit of tweaking. However my experience with it in the beta was actually fairly ok. As for the bot issue, they nevr bugged me in my 2-man teams because I knew others would join to fill the slots eventually.


If they don’t give us the ability to matchmake with party members and play the monster against them eventually as promised, I’ll be fuckin’ angry and probably stop playing shortly after release. The game itself is so simple yet brilliantly fun and well balanced, but I need to be able to play a monster and eat friends in matchmaking (bots blow, custom is worthless because of this).

If they do, I’ll be quite content to give them all the money I have.

I will say it seemed like during the beta it had a hard time matching skill levels across opposing sides, but I imagine the limited size of the beta didn’t help.

I have faith, so should be good.


Are you asking whether you can bring a five-man party into matchmaking, or if you can play Monster against friends in matchmaking? I know that five-man parties are unavailable in MM- you’d have to use customs- but I’m unsure as to the Monster v friends thing.


As long as I can:

  1. Create a Custom Game
  2. Customize Game Settings
  3. Invite Friends while keeping Lobby “Private” to public
  4. Allow any person to take any team/class they want.
  5. Open the game to fill remaining slots with public players

Then I will be happy.

Mad crazy bonus points if they give party leaders the ability to administer the game (kick, ban, etc.)


I feel you. Since there wasn’t a true ‘ranked’ match making mode and they used cheap match making techniques (using player level rather than win rate), it resulted in slow matchmaking for parties. If you are high level and play with a low level friend, you will be searching for a LONG time. However if you play solo, it’s very quick.

I would think so. These things aren’t that hard to implement.


Oh yeah. When I chose to play solo, the matchmaking would 90% of the time find me a game in 3 seconds, and have it fully populated within the next 10. It was more than sufficient. Except for how the subsequent loads seemed to make it feel like a Hulu 30 minute TV show airing with 4 commercial breaks in between, lol.


Agreed, though I doubt I’ll stop playing but it will sap a lot of my enjoyment having to choose between friends and preferred experience (monster).

I’m very hopeful that they’ll add some kind of “ranked” queue a month or two after launch and then ease the restrictions on the normal queue.

@AegisKleais : I don’t think you can make custom games public at all. I think they’re private only which is unfortunate because of the above reasons.^

@Mufasa I’m fairly certain @MacMan said it DOES take into account both level and win rate.


Well, MacMan said “soon”, that could mean 1 month, could mean 8 months, we don’t know yet. I just hope it’s only a month because I don’t have a lot of other games to play right now >.<


I expect there to be no bugs in release BUT if there is i will not be annoyed because judging off the Alpha and Beta they will be hilarious. Eg flying goliath or dasiy falling through the centre of the earths crust, model Goliath.

I did not encounter any matching issues though, if there are any that will annoy me.


I was also curious if the large level difference between myself and my teammate was the reason for long wait times. Do they average your levels together as one or does it just mess everything up?


Well maybe it does but all I know is that if you have a party of two with +20 levels difference, good luck finding a game.


Well that’s true for a lot of matchmade games. Even League of Legends, with it’s huge playerbase, takes a fair bit longer if you queue a level 10 with a level 30.


the match maker seems to work better over time. the longer the game is out the better it matches. i noticed this in the big alpha and beta. within a week itll be ideal


The game will be fun the day i will be able to play the one and only role i want to play: Monster.

I paid something like 50€ for a game in which, if i want to choose my role, i have to play solo versus Bots.

Just imagine the situation from another point of view:
You enter the plain to go on holiday to Paris: Oh funny you’re going to Chicago!!! LOL
Yo go to the restaurant and ask for a nice piece of that giant hamburger? Fuck yeah you’ll get this cute vegetarian dish. But the price is the same.
You go see the last Woody Allen on the theatre: Bad luck it’s the Avengers! and you can’t get out or the room.

Are you guys joking? Seriously…
I love the game, even though i feel like it’s not very well balanced, but with this matchmaking system, do you really think people will stay on this game?
There are lots of much funny games around…
Fix this, and give us the oportunity to actually choose between “playing real fast whatever available” and “wait longer to play your role”


Matchmaking involves compromises. Sure monster was my first choice but you’re missing more than half the game. I put trapper as my last choice initially throughout alpha, beta, and the first two days of over ten hours each. Guess what? It is now my favorite role. This preference based system helps you enjoy all aspects of the content and helped me discover even more reasons to love the game.


yeah, that sounds a bit paternalistic (? not sure of the translation ^^ ) to me. Sounds like “eat your spinach, it’s good for you, and you’ll see, later, you’ll like it”. I’m too old for this now.
I’m not blaming you for this argument because indeed it’s a good point. But it works well when i choose the option “random” in a game like starcraft, or if you don’t play your first role 20% time. at the moment, you play your first role 20%time. I counted yesterday, and i’ll count tonight too.

(btw i don’t really like FPS, so to me hunter is a very common gameplay, especially when the most action as a hunter is not confrontation or hide and seek but “run like hell everywhere” and then shoot like in team fortress - ok that’s quite dishonest ^^)