Evolve is Gamescom's 2014 Best of Show


We won 5 awards:

Best Multiplayer-Online
Best Action
Best PC game
Best Xbox game

We couldn’t believe we won E3 and now Gamescom too! So happy European gamers are as excited about Evolve as we are.


Congratulations to evolve :smiley:


Congrats @DamJess and @MacMan


So pumped to hear such great news! Really hoping to see some footage here soon!


Congratulations ! @SlabOMeat looks really happy! :wink:




Yes! Congratulations!

hehe - one award per role. Perfect!




Awesome! can’t say I’m surprised though :stuck_out_tongue: Who got best PS4 game?



Submit News: admin@evolvethehunt.com


Extremely happy for you guys, you deserve it after all your hard work on the game! So thrilled you’ve gotten this many awards too! Who’s hoping for Game of the Year next? :smiley:


Wonderful news, I bet all the other game companies are jealous that you’ve picked that up twice now. Really happy for you all, you deserve it :slight_smile:


Look at that fucking beard!

Sorry for the language, but it should get its own award. :smile:

Big congrats to the entire TRS team. I’m happy the game is getting the recognition it deserves.


One of the two shoutcasters actually’s been nominated for Beard of the Show !..


Evolve wins all the prizes and leaves NOTHING for the rest!


YYYYYEEEEEEAAAAHHHHHHHH!! So amazing. Team here is super pumped, that’s ridiculous!


Congrats guys & gals, you deserve all the recognition thrown your way!


I just read on gameinformer that this is a new record for awards won by one game at Gamescom. Double congratulations! You should be proud!



Thanks for bringing back memories I had erased lol xD