Evolve is free on Xbox One in March



My bud Pedro is downloading it rn, along with his friends Tony and Jesse. I’m excited to show them the ropes.


That wouldnt be bad share for them.


So, folks from the xbox, what have you got to report from the initial free period? Is there a substantial increase in players?


I played a series of matches yesterday, quickplay only. Search times were less than one minute, mostly people less than level 10. Seems like a substantial increase in players.


Played many hours on saturday. Only ranked, and it find games really quick.

It felt good to be back. Remenbered why this was my GOTYback in 2015. No other game like it. And probably never will be.


Sounds like I have to jump into xbox today.


I truly hope they do this for the PS4, assuming it’s Stage 2 they’re bringing to the Xbox.


It’s not. Legacy is free for now.


Well either way, I hope it goes free on playstation cause then I can still play it with my friends. It gets boring not having friends to play this awesome game with.


I have to say the hate is still real… Half the reviews is still nonsensical people saying the game sucks without truly giveing a good reason. Ive never seen a game with such a wide gap in reviews before… This is a chance for it to live again for the third time and people are ruining it.


That’s humanity for ya they see someone call it bad so they jump on the train.


They should have done this sooner


Is it just me, or has the time it takes to find a full team of players on XB1 been significantly reduced? I’ve been finding a lot more people playing this game since it became free which is AWESOME!


I would imagine.


Yeah and we also have some new users around here :open_mouth: