Evolve is free on Xbox One in March



When I play evolve I’m always ready to have to play the best I can because that’s what evolve is my friend and no it don’t get overwhelming easier on stage 2


Yes, I ‘did’ enjoy the challenge evolve put forth unlike other games, but it got harder and harder to enjoy for me and friends especially as less of them kept playing, having to play different characters because they nerfed one too hard or whatever. But like I said, it’s too much to just simply play a match because I don’t have 4 people to play with so no hunt, or customs, and I don’t want to have to learn how to work around new people’s play styles either.

What ever people I do find in QP are just using either kraken or the still unbalanced behemoth because he’s actually hard to fight with bots or without 4 because they’ll abuse and exploit the never fixed roll spam.

It’s too much I’m just trying to enjoy myself lately and as much I’d like evolve to be more balanced, this cruel world has prevented that from ever happening.


Add me MYKN1F3URF4C387


And you seem like such a nice young man…


I’ve had it for 9 yrs :joy:

Edit…actually I’m communication banned right now mtn you know me to well but to be honest when you beat the same four ppl enough then they send hate mail and you say shut up then they report you #feelsreallybadman


Guess you didn’t read, I’m done living in the past, Evolve is dead. I just wish it wasn’t.


I ran into him on PS4 and he kept running kraken.


Really I bet that was easy to beat


Ok stage 2 isn’t coming to console I sorry you didn’t understand how to play and think the game is dead there’s a good amount of good players on Xbox. The only thing I can say is if your not going to play don’t set around and whine on the forums it’s just a game and that’s it. Have a good day :blush:Bye


Nah, the game is just chemically unbalanced and no longer fun on console without a team of 4. You either get destroyed or destroy the other guy in quick play, so that’s boring.

Tried finding several games several times whenever I scrounged up 3 friends to do ranked, literally search for about 20 minutes, almost fell asleep a time or two when it took longer. We all have good internet so that’s not the issue.

I’ve tried to play monster a few times as well in the past few months with no fruition as well. As if I even want to play by myself I’ve got great single player games for that.

Though it’s not often a decent shooter comes along even. Not very fond of overwatch or any of its wannabes either.

So yeah, the games totally not dead, guess I should go back to lala land sometime soon and maybe stage 2 is out on consoles over there too.

It’s not me whining if the game is to the point where you only have a sliver of a chance to beat an elder which is the only thing I’ve run into from a lvl 40 or in ranked since the last update to the game.

Yeah you’re right the number one Torvald on Xbox doesn’t know how to play. Didn’t want to bring that up but after I reread that I felt obligated to do so. I’m just the shittiest of players that ever was, like everyone else defaults to telling me I’m bad with no knowledge of my skill…

It’s just funny how you assume I haven’t tried to play or something, like I wanted my favorite game of 2015 to die so goddamn quick. But no I’m sorry that I don’t have bunches of friends who liked Evolve like I did, or any of the ones who did, have moved on and are tired of the broken krakens.

I’m sorry it’s “just a game” to some people. Evolve was an experience unlike any other with none to rival it before and most likely any to come in the near future.

As I said earlier, I’m not grieving over it, Its just a goddamn shame it had to end like it did and that we have to pay as much as we do to run it on PC while still looking decent. As I also said and I’ll say it again, I guess you didn’t understand me and what I was trying to convey earlier.

TL;DR: The game is no longer fun without a full team IMO. Don’t assume I’m horrible at the game because I can’t find games anymore and when I do they’re ridiculously low level or level 40 and exploit, yes exploit, by using Elder, when we want to pick a different team because we want to fight something else. I’m not bitter or mad, just purely upset and frustrated that 2k are heartless dicks. Evolve could’ve grown.


Quite literally I play and watch streams everyday no1 plays elder unless it’s a silver skilled and even then it’s 1 game out of 50.

That’s one thing we agree on I guess


The eve before freEvolve. The wait is almost over.


how are the numbers for evolve now with xbox free ownership (prelude to stage 2 mayber?)


Not available for free until tomorrow.


Oh …

but still I hope a lot of people jump in on it.

Evolve could really use some more fresh blood. And if the promotion spikes number, it would be interesting if Stage 2 makes it in.

I would guess, that if 2k was going to release stage 2, they would do it around the same timeframe that it launched on PC. (it would be easier for them to follow the format already)



Well shit, good for you then. Not like I’ve ever been lucky in any of my endeavors anyway why should I be surprised I run into these bastards.


You can now download the Ultimate Edition for free


I honestly expected the normal version not the ultimate edition


Everyone gets everything. Noice


Man, I wish I had an XB1…