Evolve is free on Xbox One in March



Would have at least been more of a possibility but also not. If it was free for a month on either console with any sort of promotion or exposure then anyone that ever wanted the game or sold it an wanted it back would of had it with all the dlc. Now more free play weekends, that could’ve helped sales more than anything you ask me. Also if 2k/TRS could have promoted stage 2 more.

I just wish they’d stop being lazy at 2k and port it over to consoles, it’s literally a much smaller game, it can’t be tremendously difficult. Also wish they stopped funding but left TR with the rights so they could pick it up later :confused: now I have need a PC to enjoy the game again.


well I know what I will be playing on my xbox come march 16


I am going to play on xbox soon. I currently play evolve pc and ps4. I am experienced and would like to play with other experienced players.


Maybe I can get my friend who has gold to play it and hopefully he’ll want to stay with the game. I wish we had PS4-XB1 crossplay so I could teach him how to be good.


If you talk to many of the people who played stage 2 including myself think legacy Is still more challenging and many ways still better in many aspects.


@precise_sculptor hit me up I may be rusty but I no lifed evolve back in my young days


Okay. Is your username the same as your turtle rock one? I know that the game is free on the 16th, but I ordered a copy of the ultimate collection and it will be here either today or tomorrow


I won’t be able to play tonight but tomorrow I am open.

My GT is Maximumlimit14


Alright. I will help remove some of that rusty and having you play like a champ. I will search for you soon after I have my xbox setup and ready to go. I will find you later today.


Don’t have an Xbox One, but will get cousins to download it


I must say, been playing a lot of TEAM heavy games and it reminded me why I fell in love with evolve, because if I so choose to I can be the monster AND NOT HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT IDIOTIC TEAMMATES


Can we use a different adjective to describe your teammates please. :wink:


What if his team mates are actually gradually slowing down by definition?


Yeah I get that s2 is missing a lot and it feels a lot different from before, but at the end of the day, if I find a monster worth my time on legacy, they’re just gonna pick elder because he’s ungodly broken and is an exploit in and of itself aka not fun to fight against. I just want to play the adaptations and the maps, but I would have to drop some serious cash for all that or grind a dead game.


Hey sometimes only one word can sum up how bad/stupid people are. Why everyone always gotta try to censor or filter people nowadays anyway?


It’s against the forum rules. :bucket_salute:


Come to Xbox people won’t put up with elder they go as far to block any known elder player and many don’t even bother using him

Edit…I wanna say Xbox has seen quite a few guys come from PS4 now we had a guy I think using the username noodles Xbox 1 playing on PS4 he only plays Goliath and he was beating up Mickeyy and trickymrgreen (the best Xbox has to offer)on twitch so he would have definitely been a challenge


DO those villains still play on Xbox? :smile:


Yes surprisingly even some pc players are playing too like noztikkz (ndg noz) tag damonster and n7 illusional and some of the older players too.


Yeah well I’m already on Xbox, not like it matters the game was left unbalanced before stage 2 simple and plain. I would like to enjoy the game it’s just simply not humanly possible, for me at least. I don’t feel like putting out the 4 gallons of sweet from each armpit just to beat a monster anymore it’s not worth my time to try to get better and better when I know I can enjoy other games at less a cost of my sanity.