Evolve is free on Xbox One in March



Here’s hoping this get Xbox some new players

Evolve Free on Games for Gold on XBox One Guide
Evolve free with gold on Xbox in March

Good luck you Xboxers.



I still have a few friends on Xbox that I see play it pretty regularly, and there always seems to be someone looking to play on the Evolve Official Club.


I guess that’s as close to Stage 2 that Xbox will ever get.


Finally :grinning: maybe some new players.


That’s wonderful to hear…well…I just hope that you’ll get the Stage 2 version of the game and not a free version of Legacy wich would be disapointing.
I don’t have the game on Xbox but I know that a lot of people are waiting for the Stage 2 version.


Woot de woot.

Also Borderlands 2 is something I will be getting.


Sadly its the 360 version. No dlc to come with :confused:


Too bad that’ll never actually happen now don’t remind me :cry:


Aw, dammit. I really liked the Technomancer.


The remaster goes on sale quite often though, might even be right now. I’ve seen it go down to $20 before


I wonder if the Scorpio could bump the FPS up to 60 or is it locked at 30 FPS?


Evolve? It’ll be locked at 30 without a patch.


this is great because I never had the tier 4 hunters. :slight_smile:


It’s free Legacy.


Thought Evolve was 60 FPS on consoles?


Nope, 30 fps.


Wow. I did not see that coming. Time for me to tell everybody i know


I’m not sure of the process that’s involved for a game to enter the “gold” or “ps plus” program on consoles… but this move is something that should have happened much sooner… like when stage 2 released on PC, imagine what the new exposure then on console would have done to support everything going on than… we’d probably be playing stage 2 on console f2p by now