Evolve is amazing, but too many flaws means I'm giving up for now


From the beginning this game had my attention. After getting my hands on the content, it still does. Only, I am not happy with the presentation of the game. I know it is only week one, but every time I sit down to play, issues crop up. Game breaking bugs, server drops, and by far the worst (and you can see it everywhere in the forum here), matchmaking. I like being support. Hell, I like just being a HUNTER so, as it seems natural, game after game I am tossed into half-completed games as a monster. I have no control over what I play, diminishing the value of the content greatly. With more content coming, I am still hopeful this game will be fun to play, but currently… I can’t stand the lobby, pre-game bull. Interestingly I dont care about the DLC shenanigans or the potential one-shot formula getting boring, I just want to have more control over the role I have in the game, and I hope that it isn’t too much to ask for.

(Before anyone mentions Solo or Co-op, where my chances to be what I want are 100%, I want to state that those matches feel hollow compared to PvP. Playing chess with a computer is challenging, but hardly satisfying, and it is that human element that made Evolve such an interesting concept from the beginning.)

I will be keeping an eye on you, Evolve, and I desperately hope to return when you have had some time under the buffer.


Soon my friend, that patch is in the works and will be out soon.

No ETA sadly, but I know the reasoning behind it (TRS doesn’t want to let us down giving us a ETA only to find out they need more time).