Evolve is almost dead on pc


I love evolve, overall its been a great game but your player base is below 400 people on pc. You might need to consider free to play. Else your gonna lose pc.


that like 80 matches overall on pc


It’s been as low as 200, we will survive without f2p.


TRS has been aware of the population changes for a long time and have been working on ways to deal with it. :slight_smile:


Low playerbase /=/ resorting to f2p.


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That really isn’t a lot :confused:


Theres 59 on right now according to steam. I love evolve, and can NOT wait for Tu9- But denying the situation would be like being on the titanic after it split in two going “Meh. This boat is unsinkable”. I know they have plans to help- But i hope theres more in the works than “tu9”. Crossing my fingers.


Just wanted to point out that concurrent player numbers aren’t the same as a game’s active playerbase.

If you look at the Audience (2 weeks) tab on steamspy, you’ll see a more accurate indication of the active playerbase of a game. So Evolve right now has an active playerbase at ~24.000 individual players.

Concurrent (what steamcharts show) are just the currently online at a given point.

Overall the Evolve player numbers are low though. But I’m guessing a lot of people are just kind of “saving up” their Evolve cravings for either the big TU that is to come out this summer or the micropatch that hopefully hits us soon. I know I am.


Yerp, it’s sad isntit. I saw only two streams of evolve yesterday with max of 2 viewers. A tear dropped :disappointed_relieved:


It’s already gone up to 71 players at this point. That’s a 20% increase already, in just an hour! This ship isn’t sinking. We can all rest easily. Totally.


I don’t know if you are being sarcastic or not


Yes by letting frustrating game ruining sh1t in the game (Kraken being one of them) and fking up with the TU9 and its release date postponed to summer (YES I KNOW it is not their fault, but delay is delay) … They are aware of the population changes and are working with ways to eliminate it to zero X-D.

No really it is really sad, I used to log in Steam and only see ‘‘Playing Evole’’ , now almost noone plays it and I have only Evolve players on my friend list =_=.
The TU9 delay didn’t help either, with this and that I have stopped playing too. Since I cannot play with good players the few times I do play I resort to pub games and when these happen it is no fun at all.

Such a good game really … This message might come off as a haters message but it really is not!
I will insist that it is not the game’s fault to my eyes. The gameplayer base was raised up to play mindless Counterstrike fps boom-boom pew-pew shit and there was not a mature playerbase to appreciate the time and effort you need to invest to enjoy the game.

Then on the other hand it is totally understandable that you want to switch the pc on and just have fun.
So maybe a dumbed-down version of Evolve would do better than Evolve did.
Like '‘Evolve for Dummies----> Assault only has rifle, support only shield, healer only heals, trapper only traps’'
Terrible if you ask me but just food for thought hahahah!!!


I just hope that their plan to increase the player base isn’t just to make evolve available for Mac… that wouldn’t increase that much the population