Evolve is a $$$ pile


So you have to buy ALL of the DLC, Characters?(ETC)

Even though i Pre-ordered the game i dont really get anything at all? (I dont really care about that). But I do not see the point of making players pay for extra content…

I love evolve, me and my friends played during the alpha, beta and now (Up until now anyway…)


Pay DLC is nothing new, most games have it. If you want the game to have new content, you need to pay the devs to make it. They don’t work for free, mostly. At least all of the maps are free, right?


If you preordered you get behemoth for free which normally would cost you $15. Also last time I checked people don’t work for free making new content.


Uhhhh, because it’s their job and they want to be paid for working?


I figured the DLC would not be free.

If you look at mostly any other game with significant characters in it: TF2 (When it was 20$), Insurgency, L4D1 and 2 (ETC) the list goes on for ever, they’re free.

Atleast leave the characters free, maps should be payed for because having some experience making characters its a lot easier than making large scale maps.


I dont have it :confused:


Eh, dunno about that. If people had to pay for additional maps, you start splitting the community… Which is not good… Nope, uh uh… uhm… well… My opinion anyway.


ur opinion is fact though xd


man i dnt want it to be like facking cod 60 bucks for 16 muti map then u cant play with friends who has it f u dnt have it they give u free skins maps modes lvls updates patches and more


That’s a horrible idea. This would split communities into two groups,those who payed for maps and those who didn’t. And if I remember correctly, monsters cost around $300,000 not including hunters. So I think that you having to pay $15 for a $300,000 monster is just fine.


That’s the absolute worst way to go about it. If you have to pay for maps, you cannot play with your friends on new maps. If you have to pay for characters, I can still play everything with friends.

It’s great if everything is free, but something like TF2 can be free because it was originally a paid game and they make ridiculous amounts of money on the marketplace, selling keys for crates and shit. TF2 has the massive playerbase required to make that possible, but it was a paid game for yeaaaars before that.

I agree 100% that everything being free is fantastic and a great way to continually draw in new players, but it’s not always viable for every company, at least not out of the gate.


We have a thread for this right here-

-that I recommend you use for talking about pricing.

You are not required to buy anything.

You got a free skin and Behemoth for pre-ordering. As for making players pay for DLC…Because it’s a business?


One of the most retarded things I’ve ever read on the forum.


see there is a problem with the whole “pay for maps” thing… When you make someone pay for maps to be able to access them that is splitting the community and TRS DOESNT want that… So having characters that you can buy and still play with even if you dont buy them (via them being on your team or its a bot that you just happened to spawn in a game on.). I personally think that the way they went with the DLC model is great since it doesnt split the community.


I have to say, following the 2.0 update and taking a look at the store, it really is quite bad. As much as I love this game and agree developers need money, this is just a blatant cash grab with the huge amount of in store DLC.


I pre ordered and I got all four new hunters and behemoth and the cosmos and emerald skins for free… Hunters season pass ftw :stuck_out_tongue:


I find characters that you pay for fine…in a F2P game. Remember that we’ve already payed 40-50 bucks for this when we got it. And now 7 for a hunter? 15 for a monster? Imo that’s a cash grab but hey…
The people that complained at launch about DLC and were wrong, since it was only skins…now they will be right. In order to play the game you need to play at least 40$, and to play everything…70? I find this to be a melange between F2P models and P2P models…and it kinda sucks balls.


Except that the devs have stated for a year that their primary focus is not to divide the community, and if they make the maps cost instead of the characters, then people would be divided by not having the maps, whereas with the characters, they are not mandatory and not only do you not have to own them, but you get to sample them for free by setting up the ones you don’t own in Solo mode.

I guarantee that if it was the maps one had to pay for, people would be complaining about that instead. “Nice job on the paid maps, TRS! Y U h8 gamers so much!?!?”

I can’t afford to buy the new Hunters yet, and I ain’t salty.


The launch DLC was only skins. Personally, I will only pay for what I will play. So I bought the one skin pack I really liked for the monsters, (bog skin), I already have Behemoth thanks to preorder… so that leaves maybe Crow, since I main monster and generally play trapper when I don’t get monster. Even then, not sure I’ll actually use him, since I find getting the monster’s general direction from Daisy bloody useful. I love Slim’s design, but if I buy him and play him my whole team will die screaming and on fire, for I am a horrible medic :laughing: . You do not need to buy everything in order to play. The default hunters and monsters are perfectly viable. Just buy what you want to play as. Keep in mind, the free maps cost money to develop. They need to recoup the cost somewhere, and they’re doing it on optional skins and characters.


That’s a really bad idea with the maps.