Evolve is a good game. Why not make it great?


Hiya, before I get started below let me say that I enjoy evolve currently but worry about it’s playability later down the road. What I will share are personal observations and ideas that I enjoy in games. Lets get started shall we?

1.) Lack of scenarios. Currently we have Eggs, Hunt, Defend and Rescue. Why not add some flare to the match with objectives that start up randomly? Repair the shield conduit or rescue a downed pilot somewhere on the map. Mix it up some because right now it’s pretty predictable.

2.) Game mode is currently too fast and extremely fast pace. It’s rush, rush, rush and I feel that I don’t have time to think about a strategy or enjoy the game around me. It’s boots on the ground running as soon as we land and I rarely interact with the environment around me. Why not have traps, snares and booby traps that the monster/hunter can create? Rope snares from a tree, knocking tree’s to block hunters path and deadly player made traps for us to create or interact with such as a power conduit overload? More environment interaction please.

3.) More customization for both character and abilities. Would like to personalize my hunter and make it my own without looking like others around me. Skins are nice but would love a personal touch. Also, more abilities to choose from or the ability to select a weapon combination from one of the three tiers of a class that I choose. Like Tier 1 Assault grabbing tier 2 grenades if we have that tier unlocked.

There is many more ideas that I can express here. However, I won’t share them unless you ask. Overall the game is a excellent experience but with positive feedback we can make it better, thanks.


Don’t be shy. Agree or do you disagree? Let me know below!


This is a big proposal, as you are referring to changing the core flow of the game. I for one don’t think that a slower game would be beneficial, as it was set up to be a race for the hunters to find the monster before it evolves, and this is one of the core concepts of the game. Changing the pacing is a massive shift in the core of the game itself.

That said, I too worry about Evolve’s longevity. My proposal would probably be more modes, not interactive pop-up events (more in line with an MMO game than a shooter)

Lastly, I have no problem with cosmetic customization, but I would much rather have the devs work on ironing out bugs and balance issues and more content than some customization.

Weapon loadout customization, however, is a totally different story, again attempting to change one of the fundamental concepts of the game: these are the hunters, they each have a set of gear that compliments itself, and loosely defines a playstyle they should abide to in order to be most effective.

What do you think?


Hiya Truman_m, thanks for responding.

I see your point and I like the idea of having more nodes. The game play is a little too fast paced at times but the fix wouldn’t be a easy one for sure. I would however like more interaction with the environment around me as we progress through the map.

Weapon customization your point is defiantly valid and noted. I was looking at a way to personalize your characters with a skill tree that adds a special flare to your character or something along those lines.

Thank you for your feedback on my post. It’s greatly appreciated. As for replay value what do you suggest that can be done besides just nodes? Defiantly need something to do besides kill and destroy.

  1. Its possible and its easy and we could expect stuff like this in future.

  2. Same as above.

  3. That would change the core of the game. Granted skins are OK, but changing skills for customization would kill the idea of tier 1-2-3 etc hunters, you could simply stick with one hunter and change skills. This is a NOPE.

  1. I think there’s potential for a L4D style gamemode where the map progresses (like defend) but with different objectives like you said. Downside is they’d have to make new maps just for this mode.
    More modes are very likely to come and they will be free, just like any maps.

  2. Unfortunately that’s just how the game is, it’s paced to be faster. People already complain about getting bored, so I doubt this will ever happen. I’m not necessarily opposed to the idea but I think it would end up changing the game a LOT. I could see more environment “traps” though for the hunters to get snagged in, basically acting like the plants but just being visually different.

  3. It used to be there were no classes or specific hunters, instead you just equipped certain items. They discovered that certain loadouts were too good and to balance it they had to make all the weapons pretty bland.

By limiting each hunter to a unique kit, they can make strong and unique items that are balanced because only that hunter can access them. Just so you know they DID try it, it just worked better the way it is now.


Yeah a separate b left four dead like mode where the hunters have to escape shear going off of that final cut scene. While having the monster or “monsters” control weaker creatures.