Evolve is 5 gega bytes?


I looked on my ps4, and guess what I saw? I saw evolve installing and right next to it, I saw 5gb!!! I know the launch update adds 3 gb, but MAN. So little lol. I hope to play this game when I return from school. I saw some reviews on Amazon that said Evolve was horrible on the ps4 because of bugs, frame rate drops, and more. I’m quite scared. When I saw this game it was awesome.


Evolve’s game client is around 23,5 GB, maybe the 5GB is what is left to download or what is already downloaded


But I looked :frowning: ARG
I don’t see 23.5 gb


Ps4 has this weird thing where it just shows you what is needed to open up the game and not the total download. That happens in the background for some reason. If seen this with other games.


Okay thanks! I get it now.