Evolve intro is OP, nerf it


That Goliath leaving a footprint If you start up the game may break my tv audio one day, I always need to mute this part.


Yeah what’s with the sound he makes? Never heard that one in game, it’s so high pitched.


I take off my headset every time I open the game. Or I mute my sound for a minute. It’s crazy loud.


It’s not a Goliath Footprint btw :stuck_out_tongue: So it could be the 5th monster :stuck_out_tongue:


I think it’s the Goliaths Hand ^.^

And yes, it is INCREDIBLY loud. :dizzy_face:


But it’s a bipedal creature walking by. Unless he is walking on his hands? o.O


Well Gorillas are Bipedal creatures aren’t they? But they frequently walk on their hands, and the Goliaths stealth animation definately resembles a Gorillas.


Needs moar:



Lol I thought it was just me, I put my tv volume on 1 and it’s still loud (I do have speakers that have max volume plugged in thought but it’s still ridiculous)


True, but in stealth mode he is on all 4. The creature that looks like a Goliath is clearly running on 2 feet.



(But no you’re probably right ^.^)



YEAH! You better run!

Shakes fist angrily


Don’t make me give you a double middle finger :smiley:



It was definitely a Goliath walking though.


I’m 99.99% sure it is a Goliath as well, however when asked about the footprint they said that they didn’t want the symbol to match any ‘then current’ monsters. I don’t think it is a legit foot tbh. It is just what they used even though a Goliath pads on by.


Yeah…Makes my inner perfectionist mad though.



He does when he sneaks, then again when he sneaks he isn’t loud.


True, again, I acknowledged this before. However, the monster in the intro is clearly running and not sneaking.