Evolve incompatible with steam offline feature?


I am getting kicked very often from matches because I am apparently not “signed in” since I am using the Offline mode from Steam.


There have been some matchmaking instabilities but Offline just means you are signed out of the social part of Steam I think. We can ask @dysa72 to be sure.


Mhh, maybe you are right. Unfortunately I didn’t get to screenshot the error message. Will post if I do get it again.


Do you mean you are showing yourself as offline or are you actually using the “Go offline” under the steam tab. If you select “Go offline” you shouldn’t even be able to connect to multiplayer.


You can. I have done it.


I am using “Go offline” and it should work. The past few matches have been fine. Will report back if I get it again.


Let me test a couple things with this and I will get back to this thread.


So just to be clear you are selecting the Steam Tab and clicking on “Go offline” not the Offline option under the Friends Tab? I just tried using the “Go Offline” feature and it wouldn’t let me get past “Play”.


Ah, my bad. Yes, its under the Friends tab. I also have “Automatically sign into Friends when I start Stream” disabled under “Settings > Friends”, which basically does the same thing. What I don’t know is if it had something to do with me being offline or if its because of the “matchmaking instabilities” that TheMountainThatRoars mentioned.


Oh ok phew I was like “HOW IS THIS HAPPENING?!?!” I can give it a try with showing as offline. Let me know if you start getting it again constantly. Also how is your connection at home? When you play do you notice any lag?