Evolve in-game with friends idea


Here’s an idea just for fun. How about when playing with a full group of friends we play hide and seek. The seeker is the monster and the hiders are the hunters. The monster has to find all 4 hunters to win.

Here are the rules.
1.The monster is not allowed to use smell.

2.monster are not allowed to kill the hunter they find until he’s found all four.(but can hit him once to show proof that the hunter has been found.

3.You must give hunters time to allow them to get to there hiding spots.

Here are the rules.

1.You must hide.

2.You cannot fightback.

3No cloacking.

4.once you have been found follow the monster. Don’t be a snitch and giveaway your friends location.

Thats all HAVE FUN


Please post replies on what you think of this.


Funny I was just thinking about that this morning, need to find some people to play this with


This is a pretty interesting custom game. I’ll have to bring it up to my group of friends when we play next.


I play games to murder my friends. :smile:


Kill them after you find them.


I find them every hunt game. ^.-
And I find the monsters too.


I shall ressurect this thread