Evolve in game mechanic questions


Hi, this is my first post on the evolve forums. I just have a few questions about the game mechanics.
How does the match ending timer work? Does the last 2 minutes start if the match lasts for 20 minutes or more. I know the timer gets paused during combat, so does a monster who constantly fights with the hunters have a longer delay before they see the match ending timer, than a monster who evaded the hunters until stage 3?

Do perks and buffs stack? Let’s say I choose the increased damage output perk of 15%and eat an elite crowbill sloth which has increased damage output buff of 35%. Do I now have a total of 50% damage output? Or does the higher percentage take precedence over the lower percent? In other words, would I have an increased damage buff of 35% for 5 minutes and when that ends, it drops back down to my increased damage output perk of 15%?

If a monster eats an elite wildlife fully, does this stop the hunters from gaining the buff?

I’m the evolve cocoon state, does the monster take 2x the damage? Or just regular dam age rate to their permanent health?

If Lazarus revives a dead elite wildlife (let’s say the monster kills a tyrant for health regeneration), can the hunters then re-kill that wildlife and gain the buff? And if the monster previously killed the elite, can they also eat it and regain the buff again?


Welcome to the forums :wink: The timer starts at the 18 minute mark. If the combat mechanic is triggered (Either side doing damage to the other within 70 meters of eachother) then the timer pauses and stays paused until the combat mechanic is disengaged. (A few seconds after taking damage within 70 meters) Combat prior to the 18 minute end timer does not trigger a pause.

Perks and buffs do not stack. The highest value is chosen.

Yes, as the corpse is consumed. Do note, that 4 hunters taking a perk does not prevent a Monster from getting it however.

They take an extra 1.0x worth of damage. Damage is all additive, not multiplicative.

We needed to retest this. We believe that you can only pick up the same buff once per match, but we didn’t test it yet.

The 2X damage you take while Evolving, how does it work? (Now with official reply)

You can’t pick the buff back up. My friend tried this in game during Beta and the buff pickup option was gone after it’s 2nd death.


Awesome thanks for the fast response!! Another question about the companion app. I have upgraded all hanks weapons to apost 3 stars. How do I get the mastery boost to get that boost in the evolve ps4 game?
Thanks again you guys rock… Pun intended


You just need to login with your My2K account when the game starts.


Sweet I have done that, so it will automatically do the mastery boost on all my hunter classes when I get the game on February 10?


Correct. You will get 50% towards all masteries :slight_smile: I wish there was a monster mastery option :’(


Any proof of this? (or a source)
Cause I always assumed you just took normal damage because you lose all your armor when evolving.


I have video confirmation as well as devs have mentioned this. The videos I’m hoping to setup sometime Thursday.


Do note, that all of this is the current build. Anything is subject to change at release.


Oh, great. Thanks for that!

Another quick question. Is there any real difference between what you said about the damage being “additive, not multiplicative” ?

Because let’s say; Additive = 100 + 100 dmg = 200 dmg
and multiplicative = 100 x2 = 200 dmg.
There is no actual difference, so what’s the meaning/reason of calling it additive and not multiplicative?

(the only reason I can think of so far is so that people don’t think that stacking damage-amps/headshot multiplies the ‘stack’)

So about that new patch

Because there are several effects to damage.

Base damage = 1.0x
Limb = -0.5x
Headshot = +1.0x
Cabot’s Damage Amp = +1.0x
Val’s Weakpoint = +1.0x
Laz’s Weakpoint = +0.5x

So if you have a damage that does 100 and hit a headshot that is also a val weakpoint it would do 300 damage total.

Ya, most people think it multiplies with each new number introduced in the equation. So additive is easier to explain.


^ He beat me to the explanation


Yeah ok, I figured it would be something like this.
Thanks for the numbers and all that, any way you could give us more of these small (but goddamn important) details?


Sure, just ask a way :slight_smile: I have a plethora of pinatas… I mean a lot of knowledge in my head :slight_smile:


Did u just mention… pinata’s ? :sunny:

Edit, found the textfile;

  1. Can goliath instakill a flock of birds with any of its abilities, without alerting them?
    (I figure Charge doesn’t do anything to them, but what about the other 3 skills)
  2. Same for kraken’s ranged abilities (Wraith is an obvious no)
  3. Which abilities trigger the flock of birds from a distance? (Decoy is also in this category imo, since you could decoy in the direction of birds and sneak the complete opposite way)
  4. What’s the max height of maps and/or the max height reachable with wraith/kraken


Ahaha that’s exactly what I did, I made a list of questions that wanted answered. I wish the mastery went to monster too, but it’s all good. I’ll just grind to wraith. I was absolutely addicted to playing moster in the beta!!! I think I was rank 9 or 8 as highest Goliath moster is ps4.


Ranged attacks don’t trigger attacks. Someone mentioned Rock Throw, but I recall doing that during the Beta and it didn’t trigger. None of Kraken’s trigger, that I have tested. This one I would like to retest in the press release.

Decoy does trigger, same with warp and even ambush.

This varies with terrain. The map doesn’t have a set ceiling that is flat across the land. Higher elevations and places with structures have a MUCH higher ceiling than others.


Could you stream while doing this? I’d definitely want to watch that.

I meant any ability from any monster here. To misguide the hunters in thinking you’re going one way (by alerting a flock of birds from a distance) and then sneak the other way.


The best would be Ambush, followed by Decoy. I don’t believe Kraken and Goliath have the ability to do so.

I always record and stream when I play currently :slight_smile: