Evolve, In Conclusion: The Timeline, The Hunters, and The Monsters (Update: Production discontinued while I work on bigger project)


Bigger how? What are you aluding to?


Is it gonna be the entire history of TRS?


I call it, “Rapt’s Almanac”.

Maybe after I’m done. Not sure. That’s a good idea, but a great deal of work.


What is it gonna be all the abbreviation?


I don’t know what you’re saying.


I’m looking forwards to this. This thread is amazing, but the way you’re eluding to now is almost an wiki-like article, with concept art and everything (I hope). But make no haste, no need to overwork yourself :smile:


You remember that thingy @The_Mastermind and @chrono(?) did? Kinda like that.


Ah, amazing. Again, looking forward to it :slight_smile:


yea, it was a lot of work that we were doing during the better days, especially since we kept everything up to date with balance patches.

However, between management training, league of legends, and building my own MMORPG, i dont have the time to go over the information like i used to. Man, my cabot must be rusty as all hell though. #ripcabotmain


Looking forward to it!


Good luck man. It was a lot of work for two people, though we were both pretty busy IRL as well.

Edit: also let me know when you finish or post something because I’d like to see it :smile:


I’m making good progress, I think I’ll be fine. :slight_smile:


Any info on what it is that you are working on?


A lot of stuff.


Yea, so much I don’t know what to do anymore


Yeah, that much.


Good luck with your new project :smiley:


Thanks Moidawg. The only reason I didn’t put in the stuff you gave me is becauase I’m working on the Almanac, but trust me, it will be there. :slight_smile:


AH so heres the full story with all the info. much appreciated

so it seems Kali was the last monster and the rest are just adaptations? Well i guess six is a gud enough number tho the Monsters are my favorite and I can’t get enough of them. Im also cool with not really getting anymore hunters than adaptations

The adaptations make much more sense now that they are attactched to the story

I feel like if they had made the story and story mode much stronger points of the game it might have done better… Cause I want those things we didn’t get.


Kinda sort of.