Evolve, In Conclusion: The Timeline, The Hunters, and The Monsters (Update: Production discontinued while I work on bigger project)


Gonna attempt to finish Caira and Quantum tonight. I don’t think I’m gonna finish before my thirty day deadline, and I think I’m going to use up the word limit, so I might collaborate with the Mods to create a mega-mega-thread.

Bill is in the Dead By Daylight DLC. They bought the rights to Bill’s character from Valve, or maybe just struck a deal. Either way, he’s now a playable survivor in DBD.


All right :stuck_out_tongue:


@Caira_Or_Riot, wanna help me out here? Caira is probably my least played Hunter, so any help with her viable team comps would be great. Thanks!


I’ll do my best once I got some sleep ^^

Legacy or stage 2?


Stage 2 :wink:


Not to nitpick (since it was a blast to read) but I thoguht Val was the eight (9th including cabot) to join the hunters.


I know, I just keep forgetting to edit that and I can’t do it off of my phone (what I’m on right now). I will later though, thanks!


I haven’t played caira much, but I remember that speed field (I forget how it was called) and DOTs from napalm launcher were doing quite good with any team compositions centered around chasing and post-dome damage. Also, during dome fights when monster isn’t around you can shoot grenades in the sky so they will fall down after few second in specific area giving you some burst healing if any teammates stand in that place. Though It never worked for me to be honest, it’s too hard to do and situational.


In my opinion you should almost always sade your speed boost for when you’re getting focused. People underestimate how much it helps with dodging and kiting.

And yeah, that shoot nades in the sky thing is pretty cool. But I’ve never had it really work well in an actual match :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey! New here, Has all of this lore been confirmed by the Evolve team, or is this speculation? Played the game a ton when it first came out but never got to playing Stage 2.


Most of it is confirmed :slight_smile:


Wow. As much as I hate stories where most of the characters die, it fits in a real world (Based on what happened to the game itself) and… well World of Evolve sense. I fell in love with the story when i first played and getting back into it now. Thank you!


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If you haven’t already, you should totally check out the Evolve hunter stories. :slight_smile:


I most definitely will thank you!!!


All of it is.


In a source you can no longer access or provide evidence of, leaving you only your memory to work off of. You’re doing great work, but make sure to remind yourself now and then that mistakes can be made.


… I can still access all of this information, dude. Mistakes can obviously be made, which is why I have asked for help from several individuals in the community, and said numerous times that feedback here is highly appreciated.


It may be a good idea to link the sources for the information.


Oh, my bad. I didn’t see that you got back in contact with Shredder. Could you post a link to that stream, I’ve never been able to see it. And sorry if I’ve been annoying.


That’s going to be included later. I’ve been working on something bigger than this.