Evolve, In Conclusion: The Timeline, The Hunters, and The Monsters (Update: Production discontinued while I work on bigger project)


The first line yes, the rest is because I try to avoid multiple posts one after the other so I combined it with the one for This_Is_VALHALLA.


wasnt that alien?




Oh, okay. I thought you were showing me, in which case I have all of that lol.


Alien was just a movie, not a TV series.


Yea…Yin is hella good like…the only ranger I like so far…how is siphon?


Yin isn’t a ranger? And I haven’t tried a Siphon/Lifesteal build. Just straight power.

I find it weird that her gimmick is supposed to be projectile reflection, but it’s absolute shit. I don’t think I’ve used it more than three times a match. Her ult is pretty lackluster too. But her RMB range/damage buff is god-like. Such a low mana cost with that much power should not exist.

I don’t run any points in Deflect until the very last four levels. Maximize Windcarver(?) and her Leap for some SERIOUSSSSS damage, especially in a Power and Melee Speed build.

Paragon Game (Main Discussion Topic)

I build her with a health/power card at the start (DESPERATELY NEEDED) then kinetics then health regen.

Works ok, will try other builds.


Yeah, she melts pretty fast. Really a major glass cannon if you ask me.


Thank you so much for putting this together; clearly laid out & presented :slight_smile:

Hopefully one day we’ll have the chance to see more of this fleshed out because it’s immediately clear how much quality, original & thoughtful material there is with Evolve.


I really wish this was all in the game :frowning: It really is great stuff.


Upon further thought I am actually glad this didn’t make it in to the game.

We all have our perfect interpretations of it in our head. Like anything wants it comes off paper it could be bad. Though none of us want that it is a very real possibility.

As long as it remains on paper only, the end of Evolve can never be tarnished. There is no bugs, perfect balance, atmosphere.


We wouldn’t know any of this on paper stuff had 2K not cut the cord, however.


Amazing. Truly a loss that we never got to see the end for ourselves.


Now that I think about it, all of this awesome lore could just be tossed aside if 2K ever decides to do anything else with the license. That’s pretty damn sad. I doubt it’ll ever happen, but there’s a chance.


Trust me, there’s no chance.


Not doubt,certain


I haven’t enjoyed something related to Evolve this much in a long time, I love this. The lore of Evolve will forever be incredibly interesting to me.


I feel like Caira dies too soon. I imagined her relationship and interactions with Kala would be a rather important part of the story.

P.S. anyone wish 2K would give the rights to Turtle Rock to make a comic to tell Evolve’s story now that they can’t tell it through the game? This story had so much potential to just be thrown out like this.


Caira is just a simple biologist, incredibly new to the field. Kala had this on her own already.

Personally, I feel that Griffin and Torvald needed some more time. I could’ve easily seen Torvald lasting to Cataclysm, and Griffin to Military. Especially since Military didn’t have a Trapper and Propaganda had two.