Evolve, In Conclusion: The Timeline, The Hunters, and The Monsters (Update: Production discontinued while I work on bigger project)

#The Timeline

As confirmed by Squirrel, adaptations and map variations are canon. Each one is a different part of Evolve’s timeline. Today, let’s discuss exactly what each period of time is, who’s in it, and what happens.

If any formatting or fact errors are found present in this thread, please note them and I will do my best to correct them. Thank you, and have a wonderful day.

#Fifty Years Prior
Summary: Fifty years prior to the events of Evolve, Shear is colonized. It is in the Far Arm of the Milky Way galaxy, meaning it doesn’t get a lot of traffic. This makes it what is known as a “Frontier World”. Shear, however, is very special due to the fact that it is INCREDIBLY Earth-like. The planet has a rich supply of Bohrium, and therefore is highly sought after by major corporations.

Important Notes
• Shear has a rich supply of Bohrium, making it highly valuable

  • In game, Bohrium crates are obtainable on Broken Hill Mine and Broken Hill Foundry. Monsters can eat them to obtain energy/armor
    • Shear is owned by NORDITA
  • NORDITA contracted EbonStar as a private military
  • NORDITA is who contacts William Cabot about creating the Hunter Team

#Six Months Prior
Summary: NORDITA contacts William Cabot, who is currently in retirement. They explain to him the situation on Shear, albeit in a much lighter way. They explain to him that it’s a simple wildlife problem. Cabot accepts their offer and forms a hunting team to combat the threat on Shear.

Important Notes
• William Cabot started building his hunting team at this point

  • Bucket was the first member to join
  • Second was Parnell
  • Third was Abe
  • Fourth was Griffin
  • Fifth was Caira
  • Sixth was Hyde
  • Seventh was Val. The rest are unknown

Summary: Cabot and the crew arrive at Shear, and are shocked by what they see. The planet is literally on fire. Cabot tells the team that he just got a call from NORDITA, and that their wildlife purge has changed to a full scale five day evacuation. They land on the planet and begin Evacuation.

Important Notes
• This is the beginning of Evolve, specifically of the Evacuation campaign

Hunters Added: Val, Lazarus, Caira, Hank, Bucket, Cabot, Maggie, Griffin, Abe, Markov, Hyde, Parnell

Monsters Added: Goliath, Kraken, Wraith

#After Evacuation
Summary: Cabot’s team successfully evacuate a good sum of colonists, but are left stranded. They fight off the monsters and escape, thanks to a new team of four that joins them. They also face a new threat, the Behemoth.

Important Notes
• The hunters are left abandoned on Shear, while the monster threat continues to grow

Hunters Added: Slim, Sunny, Crow, Torvald

Monsters Added: Behemoth

Summary: The hunters look for a way off planet, with the current plan being to find a Patterson Drive large enough to get the Dropship to the Laurie-Anne (Cabot’s ship, which is orbiting around Shear). During this time, several teammates die, and several are gained. A new monster breed is also discovered.

Important Details
• First hunter deaths occur

Hunters Added: Emet, Kala, Jack, Lennox

Hunters Killed: Caira, Griffin, Torvald(?)

Monsters Added: Gorgon

Summary: Six months pass since the last time period. The monsters, using their otherworldly powers, have terraformed the planet’s surface and atmosphere into a harsh, flaming wasteland. Toxic gasses fill the air, meaning that the remaining hunters must use filtration masks to survive. The hunters eventually adapt to their hellish home, but unfortunately so do the monsters.

Important Notes
• Cataclysm is a playable map adaptation in game
• Most members of the team die in this period
• This is the first time a monster adaptation is seen
• This is more than likely around the time Kala transitions into a full monster, becoming “Kali” instead

Hunters Added: Necro Lazarus, Em-Bucket, Battle Cabot, Wasteland Maggie, ?-Crow, ?-Lennox, Renegade Abe

Hunters Killed: Lazarus, Support Bucket, Cabot, Maggie, Abe, Crow, Lennox

Monsters Added: Meteor Goliath

Summary: After an unspecified amount of time, most of the hunters are picked up by an unspecified faction from Shear. They are told that monsters are appearing on other planets, being led by a monster from Shear known as “The Phantom”. The hunters are equipped with new, more advanced tech, and asked to help fight. Most, if not all, say yes.

Important Facts
• The faction that picks up the hunters is unknown, though it can be assumed to be Sol Guard, our solar system’s leading military conglomerate
• The only hunters known to have been left behind on Shear were Hyde, Jack, Slim, and Daisy
• “The Phantom”, is actually the Wraith from The Wraith Trap map

  • The Phantom Wraith can rip holes in spacetime, allowing hordes of monsters access to our dimensional plane
  • The Phantom Wraith is the monster that kills Caira, resulting in the first hunter death

Hunters Added: Rogue Val, Tech Sgt. Hank, Blitz Markov

Hunters Killed: Val(?), Hank(?), Markov(?)

Monsters Added: Phantom Wraith

Summary: Take place during, or slightly after Military, Propaganda is a period in which Hub martyrized the deceased hunters (and Bucket) as heroes who died protecting our universe, and that others should do their part in helping to save our universe. They also depicted the monsters as being more fantastical, mythological beasts rather than sci-fi horrors.

Important Notes
• None of the adaptations from this time period actually existed in the game’s universe

  • They were all just concepts designed to encourage morale in Hub citizens to fight a losing battle

Hunters Added: Quantum Caira, Captain Bucket, Electro Griffin, ?-Torvald

Monsters Added: Elder Kraken

#Deepest Dark
Summary: Five years after Cataclysm, the universe is screwed. Other dimensional horrors have popped up on most planets, tearing them asunder. Shear is plagued by hordes of Gorgons, and most importantly by Kali. Kali converts all DNA around her to artificial HNA, slowly turning every living thing around her into a monster itself. Worst of all, everything she mutates becomes a catalyst itself, ensuring that the mutation spreads like a plague. One small (yet heavily mutated) resistance force on Shear, led by Hyde, Jack, and Slim, aims to put an end to her and the Gorgon Queen once and for all.

Important Notes
• Hyde, Jack, and Slim are all half monster now, and lead a resistance force against the monsters along with a half monster army

Hunters Added: Super Jack, Hellfire Hyde, Savage Slim

Hunters Killed: Slim, Kala, Jack, Hyde

Monsters Added: ?-Gorgon(?), Kali

#Brightest Dawn
Summary: The last remainder of the hunter team have come back to Shear, short after Hyde’s final battle with Kali. Using Kala’s research, they prepare for their final battle with the monsters.

Important Notes
• Not much honestly happen, aside from the setup to the war’s climax

Hunters Added: Paladin Parnell, Thunderchild Sunny, War Bucket

Summary: The final battle between hunter and monster occurs when they attack the monster dimension directly. The monsters fight back, but with no luck. Parnell’s team send what is essentially a “Patterson EMP” into Patterson Space, preventing it from being accessible by either of the two warring dimensions. Although this kills off the remaining monsters, this sends humanity into essentially the dark ages again, cutting off all Patterson technology. This prevents light speed travel, infinite energy, and other valuable resources humans in Evolve used to survive.

Important Notes
• End of Evolve
• Humanity is sent into a dark age

  • Space travel is a thing of the past, as are most of humanity’s futuristic technological wonders

Hunters Killed: Bucket(?), Sunny(?), Parnell(?)

Monsters Added: Glacial Behemoth


#The Hunters

#Medics :medic:

Valerie “Val” Wolski

Age: Between 20’s & 30’s
Occupation: Fighter Pilot (Former), CIG-9 Special Operative/Field Reconnaisance Expert
Homeplanet: Unknown, resided on Ganymede
Era of Death: Unknown, thought to be Military

Description: Valerie Wolski, or Val for short, is a spy and member of an elite government military sect known as CIG-9, which has been known for being rather shady and covert. Val reflects this well. She is a strong willed woman who was sent by Colonel Banfield, a military leader of CIG-9, to infiltrate Cabot’s ship (the Laurie-Anne) and learn about what is occurring on Shear. Her military experience makes her an invaluable asset to the team, though her true motives are still unknown. She has proven herself to be an exceptional field medic, interrogator, and sniper.


  • Armor Piercing Sniper Rifle: A high-powered CIG-9 standard sniper rifle which can leave weak-spots on the monster, allowing hunters to deal more damage when shooting them
  • Salveron Regeneryst Ray: A laser beam fueled by Generyst spores. Generyst spores are a type of spore from a genetically altered fungus called Generyst. Generyst, which can only be grown in the Far Arm of the Galaxy, can be used to repair and regenerate cells at an incredibly rapid pace. Generyst is used in nearly all medic healing items to boost the health of their teammates
  • Tranquilizer Dart Gun: Val’s utility ability is a tranquilizer dart gun which acts as a second form of CC to back up the team’s trapper. When shot at the monster, the monster receives a heavy slow, almost as though it was under the effects of stasis. The tranquilizing serum, however, also reveals the monster on the team’s contact display (hereby referred to as the “HUD”), allowing them to easily hunt the monster down
  • Heal Burst: The standard Generyst burst nearly all Medics have, allowing the team to fight longer

Good Team Compositions

  • Val, Bucket/Cabot, W-Maggie, Parnell: Val is a great damage based Medic, and can benefit this comp well with her added slowing effect. Bucket’s Sentry Turrets benefit heavily from her weak points, and his Mechanical Recharge grants her better survivability. Cabot can boost the teams damage even more with his Damage Amp, which stacks with her weak spots. Wasteland Maggie also benefits from these, and has the added stopping power of the Harpoon to compliment Val’s slow. Finally, Parnell is a great all around powerhouse, and is extremely good at hitting those weak spots with his Automatic Shotgun

  • Val, Hank, Maggie/Griffin/E-Griffin, Hyde: Hank compliments Val well by being able to use his Shield Projector to protect her, as well as other allies she is healing. Although it could be argued that Sunny provides more utility, she still does not benefit from Val’s weak spots like Hank does. The Harpoon Trio provide Val with much needed added protection, and also allow Hank to line up an Orbital far easier. Hyde also benefits heavily from the slow and Harpoons by being able to get off Toxic Grenades and Flamethrower damage easier. When the Flamethrower’s fuel has run dry, he can switch to his handy Minigun and blast the monster right in the weak spots for double the damage, and twice the fun!

Rogue Val

Era: Military

Description: Rogue Val is Val after she leaves Shear and joins with Hub, probably with CIG-9, in order to stop the growing monster threat. In this adaptation she dons her CIG-9 Special Operations suit, as well as much more combat based weaponry, trading utility for raw fire power. It is unknown when Val died, although it is likely that she perished in this very suit, battling monsters and hunting down the Phantom Wraith on an as of yet unknown world.


  • Multishot Sniper Rifle: Trading in her team buffs for added damage, Rogue Val dons a more powerful sniper rifle with three high powered rounds. Although this can no longer place weak points on the monster, it still deals high damage
  • Chain Medgun: Essentially the Regeneryst Ray, but with less power, and a secret twist; it can chain from one hunter to another! This allows her to heal several targets at once, and allows her whole team to keep fighting.
  • Poison Dart Gun: Once again trading utility for damage, Val has taken up a poison dart gun rather than a tranquilizer. Although it no longer slows the monster, it still highlights it, and does low DOT
  • Regeneryst Field: Rogue Val’s heal burst works different from other medics as it allows her to heal other hunters around her with a passive healing aura. However, once the going gets tough, and you think she is about to fall, she can automatically trigger it to grant herself a full heal back to standard health! Unfortunately, it must recharge, which means that while on cooldown, it grants no passive aura to nearby hunters

Good Team Compositions

  • Rogue Val, Bucket, W-Maggie, Hyde: DOT is Rogue Val’s bread and butter. To say that she is the only Medic with DOT would be false, as Caira has that in her napalm grenades. However, Caira can’t stack her DOT with that of Hyde and Wasteland Maggie, making her much more viable in this composition. Bucket allows her to regain her Regeneryst Field quickly after use, giving her a second full heal almost immediately and allowing her to heal herself and keep healing up at the same time. Wasteland Maggie are great to add to the DOT comp, as Wasteland Maggie can light the monster on fire whilst Hyde hits it with a Toxic Grenade. The stacked DOT’s can make for devastating effect

Ðorde “Lazarus” Živkovic

Age: Late 30’s to 50’s
Occupation: Lazarus Man (Former)
Homeplanet: Io
Era of Death: Cataclysm

Description: Lazarus is a strange character. He originally started out as Ðorde Živkovic, a man from Io with dreams of becoming a field medic for Sol Guard, Hub’s military. The Mutagen Wars started around Lazarus’ first years of being a soldier; men from the Basilisk Nebula were waging war upon Hub, and were fusing their DNA with that of insects. Lazarus was one of only 1000 field medics chosen to enter the Lazarus Program. A device was grafter onto their lower non-dominant arm, and keyed to their DNA to prevent theft and reproduction. This device was known as the Revivifier, and allowed the resurrection of the dead. Many years later, Lazarus still wears the Revivifier, and is one of few Lazarus Men left, thus making him a prime candidate for Cabot’s team.


  • Silenced Sniper Rifle: Like Val, Lazarus is a sniper who creates weak points on his targets. Although his are weaker, he can fire it rapidly, spreading weak points all over the monster which still increase damage a fair amount
  • Revivifier: The Revivifier, or as it is commonly referred to, “The Lazarus Device”, allows Laz to raise the dead or incapacitated fairly quickly. Thus meaning, sometimes it’s better to wait till your teammates are dead than to jump into the fray
  • Personal Cloak: Laz can make himself invisible, leaving only a slight shimmer where he moves. This can make it awfully difficult for larger monsters to find him, allowing him to easily snipe and resurrect his teammates safely
  • Heal Burst: Lazarus has a standard Generyst heal burst, just like most medics do

Good Team Compositions

  • Lazarus, TS-Hank/Bucket, E-Griffin/Abe/Crow, Parnell: Anyone who can take attention off of Lazarus is a God-send in any comp he’s in, and this comp excels at that. Tech Sgt. Hank can provide everyone (including Laz) with non-degrading shields that subvert any and all damage taken, which takes pressure off of Lazarus greatly. Electro Griffin, Abe, and Crow are here to slow the monster consistently while still putting out good damage. They all benefit from Lazarus’ weak spots, and can all slow the monster extremely well. Parnell has some of the strongest fire power in the game, and he isn’t afraid to show it in a slow/damage buff comp like this

Necro Lazarus

Era: Cataclysm

Description: Necro Lazarus is one of many Hunters that we never received in game. However, we do still know a fair bit about him. We know that, since he was in Cataclysm, he wore some sort of mask to protect his face and lungs. This mask was described by Devs as covering his whole face, and, along with the cloak he wore, he looked similar to Doctor Doom. Necro Lazarus’ Revivifier was damaged; it could not bring Hunters back to life, but instead into undeath. His Revivifier made zombified Hunters which slowly decayed overtime, the only plus side being that he could now zombify them from a range. They also did not receive normal healing. The only way for these zombies to receive health was be shooting new weak spots that Necro Lazarus could place with his sniper rifle which were able to be hit by any hunter weapon, unlike standard weak points which required one to use a bullet based weapon. We also know that Lazarus died during this time period at some point after Cabot and before Abe.


  • Anti-Decay Sniper Rifle: Necro Lazarus realized that his allies that he brought back wouldn’t stay around for as long as they used to, so he came up with a new healing method for them: a trophy system. Necro Laz’s Anti-Decay Sniper Rifle allowed Hunters to hit special new weak spots on the monster that boosted their slowly degrading health. Each hit granted a small percentage of health back, which the zombified Hunters desperately needed
  • Broken Revivifier: Necro Laz, at some point while on Shear, broke his Revivifier. This caused it to not resurrect fallen comrades, but to zombify them. Zombies slowly lost health over time, but their is a plus side to this: Necro Lazarus could revive them from a range
  • Unknown: Any changes made to Necro Lazarus’ invisibility are unknown
  • Unknown: Any changes made to Necro Lazarus’ Heal Burst are unknown

Caira Diaz

Age: Early to Mid 20’s
Occupation: Biologist, Catalog Agent
Homplanet: Earth
Era of Death: Pre-Cataclysm

Description: Caira, originally, was the youngest member of the team, before Sunny, Jack, and (technically) Emet joined. Caira was born and raised on Earth, an economic bustling powerhouse in the Evolve universe which only the rich and wealthy could afford to live. Caira, however, had bigger dreams. She left the planet as quickly as she could and immediately joined Catalog, making her the youngest Catalog agent ever. She got to travel around the galaxy, cataloging new species and creatures all around, for the sake of scientific research, growth, and development.


  • Generyst Grenade Launcher: Caira can fire arcing grenades out of her launcher that heal allies they come in contact with. They can also heal herself, which gives her decent self sustain
  • Adrenaline Field: Being the expert biologist she is, Caira has developed tech which over clocks the adrenal glands of those around them, giving them a massive speed boost for a short time
  • Napalm Grenade Launcher: From her launcher, Caira can fire out large balls of flaming death. Although this is the least damaging Hunter weapon out of ALL of them, it still lays on DOT, which can make it useful

Caira is unfinished! More coming soon!


#The Monsters


Physiology: The Goliath is a large saurian/humanoid monster with a thick hide, covered in spikes and barbs that increase in size with each successive evolution. It is bipedal and stands on its hind legs when fighting, but is capable of running at great speed on all fours.

The Goliath’s head is rounded and well armored. It possesses two eyes that are set far into the skull for protection. The skull is connected to the rest of the body at the back of the neck instead of at the base of the skull, allowing it full range of visibility. The mouth of the Goliath possesses a long thin tongue and a large pair of mandibles on the lower jaw that are visible when the creature roars. The eyes and mouth of a Goliath glow a bright red color as if there is a fire burning deep within its body, starting at the neck and travelling all the way down to the chest area. The glow increases with evolution and when the Goliath has armor. Its neck has several overlapping scale-like plates of armor that resemble glowing red gills.

The Goliath has a muscular frame and possesses tremendous strength, made evident by its ability to leap large distances and rip and hurl boulders from the ground. The Goliath has a tail, tipped with a cluster of spikes.

The Goliath’s feet possess four toes: two in the center, a smaller toe on the outside and one additional toe that juts backwards, making a distinctive footprint.

Like all monsters, Goliaths are genderless, although characters refer to it as “he” and “it”.

Traversal: Goliaths have incredibly powerful and muscular hind legs, allowing them to launch themselves great distances with single leaps. A Goliath has enough stamina to leap over twenty meters at a time, without wearing itself out. A Goliath’s preferred means of transportation, of course, is simply running from place to place, though leaping allows it to escape assailants- or catch up to them, faster


  • Leap Smash: Utilizing the monster’s inherent ability of matter manipulation, the Goliath can leap and slam it’s fist hard into the ground, creating a supernatural shockwave and explosion that deals heavy damage to anything caught in the blast radius. Hunters should be cautious of this ability, as it can oftentimes be difficult to discern from a normal leap. Goliaths, for unknown reasons, create a small “targeting circle” on the ground where they are going to land. Now, although this can be seen as a poor evolutionary design choice, you have to look at it from the monster’s standpoint; the Goliath model is utilized as a mass produced, quick and efficient grunt. In a sense, they are the slow and brutish pawns of the monster work force. It stands to reason that the Goliath’s eyes and intelligence may not be suitable for targeting such skill-shot-like abilities, and therefore require the precursor in order to hit their mark
  • Rock Throw: Similarly to Leap Smash, Goliath’s can use their inherent ability to manipulate matter to simply dig their claws into the ground and form smoldering boulders in the palms of their hands. Being hit by one of these can be devastating, as Rock Throw is a Goliath’s most damaging ability, and has great knockback
  • Flame Breath: Goliath’s, through unknown means, have the ability to breathe large bouts of flames from their mouths; or so it seems. From the above picture it is clearly visible that the flames do not exit directly from the Goliath’s mouth, but rather, just above it. How this occurs is unknown, but what is known is that Flame Breath is a highly maneuverable ability; a Goliath can still follow it’s prey whilst using it, making it incredibly damaging to anyone or anything caught in the flames
  • Charge: Finally, we have Charge, an ability which allows a Goliath to go into a full on sprint, decimating anything in it’s path. Goliaths using Charge can be seen coated in a field of burning energy which damages and pushes away anything that isn’t outright trampled. What exactly this energy field is, or what causes it, is unknown

Goliath Can Counter…

  • Lazarus, Emet: Lazarus is all about sneaking; get in, get out. Goliath makes this very difficult for Laz, however, with his large range of high damage abilities. To make matters worse, Flame Breath can reveal a cloaked Laz easily, making it nearly impossible for him to escape a Goliath’s fury. Similarly, Emet’s deployables are all but useless when facing a Goliath’s Flame Breath and his long range, high damage Rock Throw. A Goliath’s great speed also allows it to locate a Respawn Beacon with ease
  • Battle Cabot: Similarly to how a Goliath handles Lazarus, Battle Cabot’s cloaking is wasted against a Goliath’s flames, making invisible hunters much easier to spot
  • Electro Griffin, Crow, Jack: On Goliath, Stasis is a lot less effective. That’s not to say that Stasis is useless; just that Harpoons work MUCH more effectively. Abe can get off the Stasis easy with his grenades, while Crow has to line up the shot. Although Goliath is a large monster, he can be a lot harder to hit than others considering how quickly he moves and how many movement abilities he has comparatively to other monsters. At a range, it can be difficult to hit such a bouncy and unpredictable target. Electro Griffin has almost the opposite of this issue; he can land the Stasis easy with his Laser Storm SMG, but he has to be VERY close for it to be accurate. Goliath is an up-front brawler, in that he wants you in close. That spells doom for Electro. Jack’s inverse Harpoon, his Repulsor, may seem like a grand idea, but with it’s low capacity and the amount of movement abilities Goliath has, that Repulsor is as good as nonexistent
  • Hyde, Torvald: Again, Goliath’s range in movement abilities come in very handy when dealing with these two. Although it could be argued that they are very good at getting high damage off in a short time frame, that is almost completely dependent on the Trapper and/or Val when dealing with a monster with such high maneuverability. These Hunters are only as good for as long as the particular monster stays in their area of damage, and when dealing with a Goliath, they will probably have a more difficult time effectively getting damage off

Goliath is Countered By…

  • Val: Goliath is an initiator with weak spread damage, unlike his Meteor Goliath counterpart. Thus meaning, anyone with solid single target healing is more than effective in dealing with a Goliath. Val has the best single target healing, and with the addition of her large weak spots she leaves, and her Stasis-like tranquilizer rounds, a Goliath will have a tough time dealing with a team centered around Val
  • Hank, Sunny: Hank and Sunny are great picks against Goliath specifically for their great single target shielding. Goliath, as stated previously, is an initiator with weak spread damage, so he will want to burst down a single Hunter ASAP. Thus, shielding is essential to keep your team around. Sunny is an even better pick than Hank, because her Jetpack Booster allows for the Goliath’s targets to zoom away quickly, adding far more utility to the team
  • Maggie, Griffin: Goliath can eat Stasis, but not Harpoons. Maggie’s Harpoon Traps can be the bane of any Goliath player, and Griffin’s Harpoon Launcher isn’t all that difficult to land on such a large target. Their tracking methods, not to mention, are also great for hunting down a Goliath
  • Markov, Blitz Markov, Parnell, Lennox: Markov and Blitz Markov can do amazing damage to the monster with their mines do to the fact that the Goliath doesn’t have very many methods for destroying them. Blitz can also get off even better damage than Markov with his damage charging. Parnell is great for bursting down bigger monsters with his Supersoldier-Shotgun combo, and Lennox can build up stacks very easily on such a large, low-to-earth monster, no matter how fast it is

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:bucketuav: Quickly skimming through this, I noted that Caira is listed as the fourth member of The Crew, but in Caira’s story, you’ll find that Griffin is actually already a part of The Crew.
Also in The Sword: Chapter three, Cabot and Parnell name the team “The Crew”. (Perhaps that’s already mentioned in this and I just missed it? :sweat_smile: )

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Ah, so that big ship is the Laurie-Anne. I thought that was just some random patterson-drive ship :joy:


Nope, the first ship you see in the Evac opening scene is just some random ship transporting the Laurie-Anne.

Here’s the dropship.

This is from Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/x320m