Evolve Icon/Emote List


Here, you can find all the Evolve related emotes and icons!

This archive is made for three reasons. First and foremost, is for information purposes. Second, using these will shorten posts, and may even bring greater meaning than the written counterpart. Lastly, maybe you just like images.

Hold the mouse over an icon to see how to type it (implying you’re on a computer).

Fundamentals :medic: :support: :monster: :trapper: :assault:

Medics :val: :val_2: :val_cute: :lazarus: :lazarus_2: :lazarus_cute: :caira: :caira_cute:

Supports :hank: :hank_2: :hank_cute: :bucket: :bucket_salute: :bucket_cute: :cabot: :cabot_cute:

Monsters :goliath_roar: :kraken_stare: :wraith:

Assaults :markov_cute: :hyde: :hyde_2: :hyde_cute: :parnell: :parnell_cute:

Trappers :griffin: :griffin_2: :griffin_cute: :maggie: :maggie_2: :maggie_cute: :daisy: :abe: :abe_cute:

If there are new emotes/icons, or ones I’ve forgotten, post them here so I may add them. Also, this would be the place to put your recommendations for new ones so the developers can see!


For example, I would desire capital alphabetical letters in Evolve formats. One might be the black background and the letters in orange. Also, ability/equipment icons like how they look in game.


I want eaten Hunter remains to feed my minions :smiley: