Evolve... I love it


Hello everybody, I am new to the forums so it’s nice to meet you all :smile: I got convinced to join the forums by a friend, but that could be saved for another time.

I’m about to give everyone my honest opinion of the game, and I love it.

Evolve was a bit of a mystery to me and still is to this day, I have no idea what made me love the game. I usually don’t play shooters or co-op games the only games that I played that fit those two criterias was the Borderlands series but that was mostly for the story and the RPG elements. Yet here I am enjoying Evolve more than the Borderlands series and some of my other RPG games.

I can’t tell if it’s because I loved the idea and thought the game was unique compared to other games out there or maybe I liked the game modes and thought they were thought out and implemented. I have no idea but it’s a mystery that I love either way. :smile:

So I’d like to take this time to show my appreciation towards this game that I came to love. Thank you TRS for making a game that is not only unique but also a game I see myself constantly playing. You guys have done a wonderful job and I really appreciate it. You guys are awesome!

I’m a PS4 player, I consider myself new to the game and this is my online tag GrimDragonEvolve
My friend convinced me to add the word Evolve into my PSN name :sweat_smile:

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I'm new here! How do I forum? >u>

Woo! Welcome!

There are lots of great people here to chat and game with. Glad you came to join us! :monster:


I’m happy to be here and thank you :smile:


Welcome to the forums buddy!

I feel happy for you, Evolve is a new and great experience (not for some, though). Always nice to hear positive feedback!

Sadly I play on PC otherwise I would have add you :wink:


Found you! Finally decided to join.


Thanks, I’m sure you would have been a great friend to play with :smile:


Yes Josh, I finally made the account :grin:


Woohoo! I’m an XO player but glad youve decided to join the forums :smiley:
Just be careful of @Fluffington, he might try to get you to join Lady Val’s cult :wink: haha


Wait do you two already know eachother? :open_mouth:


Yeah I’ve seen some of his… master pieces.

I know him because he was my neighbor when he came to Bahrain :wink:


Of course she knows me! I’m awesome!


its a great game with great devs but many bugs and glitches :?


I have a friend who just moved to Bahrain.


So you’re the neighbor that made the drawings? @Fluffington showed us?
@SledgePainter We have a new artiste in the forums :smile:


I joined today as well after spending a week shadowing the forum.

I’m really enjoying this game as well, I got it just after launch when I was ill with a chest infection it was a great way to help me recover and haven’t stopped playing it since. It definitely is a breath of fresh air compared to other FPS. Also I love the character and charm this game has as well as the brilliant environments (maps) which really set the scene. I also love co-op games as well as competitive shooters so this is a nice mix.

I’d also like to thank TRS for making a great game and so far my favourite this year, I can’t wait for the new hunters, monster and even maps next week!!!


This world is filled with coincidences isn’t it? :smile:

@DownLikeSyndrome I have experienced a few bugs and glitches, nothing groundbreaking yet


@Advanced_Tec Welcome to the forums, Yayy newcomers :slight_smile: no sarcasm at all its great to have yall here. if you’re XO add me, I’m Fang18 ^.^


@Gems do I know you?


ey bruv

dont let the memespam drive you away, theyre harmless


Yeah, he seemed really excited about my things :sweat_smile:

@DownLikeSyndrome I don’t think so…

@Butts memespam?