Evolve Hunters' Quest


Hello all. I was wondering how to verify that my Evolve Hunters’ Quest progress will indeed carry over to the main game. I’ve linked it solely with My2k account. I also play on mobile and on my gf’s tablet.

Any way to tell or is that all I need to do?

Thanks for any help.


You should be all set, but this really should have been posted in one of the existing HQ threads.


Ya you should be good to go I’ve already gotten all the medics, assaults besides Parnell, maggie, and cabot chapter 3 is so hard though


So I don’t need to link it to a Google Plus Account? I’m worried because when I try to do that on my gf’s tablet it works for hers and for my phone is just shows an exclamation point on the google plus option for signing in. I’m worried it somehow permalinked it to her google plus account.


You should only need the my2k account