Evolve: Hunters Quest Replays not Updating


So I have a little issue. I played the Hunter’s Quest and I played Evolve but when I go to see replays in the app it isn’t updating any of the new replays. I even played a game with a hacker that I could use as evidence and because of the bug I can’t even get any evidence on the guy. Is anyone else having this issue? There are even more replays that I would like to see but can’t due to this issue.


I’ve heard that for some reason if there was a hacker in the game, the replay isn’t being shown. My guess is that Hackers interfere with My2K accounts somehow.


It’s not even just that replay. It saved 10 and now it won’t ever update any newer replays. The last replay I have is from 2 days ago.


This is a new one…I hadn’t heard THIS before. Was a good idea, trying to use the app as evidence too.


Ya, I heard about it because people were trying to prove via the app that there was a cheater/hacker. But this was a while ago.


I don’t have any recent replays showing up either. My last one was from a week ago. I suggest sending an email to evolvefeedback@catdaddy.com


That was Denny, I remeber that, and we tested it ourselves last time we went against a hacker.

We just did a couple things, lost, and went to save the replay. Turns out, it interferes with something in the system, so it doesn’t show up. My guess is that it doesn’t have replacement routines for what a hacker does troughout the match, so it just fails to record it in its entirety.


Is there any news about this problem?
My last replay is from 22 of March…
I thought that it might be broken since the new characters are there. What do you think?
Has anyone send an email to the support of the app as suggested by TheMountainThatRoars?

I just discovered the app and hoped to use it to see replays as well…


I sent an email some time ago, but didn’t hear back on that one.


My replays don’t show either. It updates a replay here and there, but very little of the games I play get updated to the app.


I have the same issue. Sporadic updates of replays. Any idea what causes this and a possible fix?


People have said hackers prevent you from getting replays, but I know I have one with a hacker in it. Also that maybe T4 hunters mess with it as well


Yeah, it seems to be since T4. Replays were all fine before then. If it is an issue with hackers, then it’s rife because I only have 2 replays uploaded out of the 20 odd games I played yesterday and I didn’t notice any hacks.


I meant more so games with T4 in them, then since they were released, might be the app hasn’t updated to include them so it doesn’t know what to do with the replays with them in it


I know this thread is old, but since 2K support contacted me recently, I might as well add that I did manage to get 2 replays recorded with Behemoth and 2 with Slim a while ago, each one on a separate month. None with Jack or Lenny. The last replay was recorded over a month ago.


Woah, full revivify there…


They offered me skins… I couldn’t resist :sweat_smile:
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The last replay I’ve gotten on the app was on 9/17/15 and I was playing Jack on Weather Control. Jack shows up as just a man silhouette with a green background and it just says “Trapper.”


Perhaps @TheMountainThatRoars could give us an update on the email he sent back in April :stuck_out_tongue:


Zero response on the replay issue. Sorry.