Evolve; Hunters Quest app bug


so basically i deleted the game a while back to have more room on my phone. i redownloaded it because i wanted to use the rest of my leftover points for the character mastery. one of the first screens prompted me if i wanted to reattain my current progress and i indubitably chose that option. however, it made me go through the tutorial again. i thought it wasnt that big of a deal, till val didnt die when she was supposed to during the tutorial, making me unable to purchase the character revive since she was still alive. this is obviously due to the fact that my progress was reattained. i just couldnt go on from the “power up” selection screen. in order to complete the tutorial, i would need to choose not to reattain my old progress but that would render it useless. help plz?


Oh dear.
I had a different problem, but someone at 2k support advised me to reinstall app, and this happened.

Afaik there is no way to fix it, and i’ve been talking to support for over 5 weeks now…

Its kind of depressing, really…

I’d recommend trying to find a way to contact the dev of the app catdaddy.


There’s a contact email in the settings of the App under “Feedback”.


People with this issue cannot get there, at all…

Mind sharing it?


Sure! evolvefeedback@catdaddy.com


@svlvmvttpo @Marnit There was an update. Please download it and let me know if it fixes your issues. If so I would like to close this thread. Thanks!