Evolve Hunter Stories [Canon] (Latest Story - Kala's Story)


I figured that the bounty would only have applied to the Basalisk soldiers that had gone rouge and escaped Bodes world and there is an advantage to having a beaten enemy alive. Namely being able to point to them and say "These are the last remnants of the most powerful opposing force Hub has ever faced. Do you think you are a bigger threat than them? Do you think you will fare any better?" anytime a colony starts thinking about separating. Psycological warfare is a powerful tool.

Apologies if I got a bit dark here.


@Matthew could I ask you a question about the Yudkosky Thought Box. Is Bucket incapable of holding it in his robot body because it doesnt have enough processing power or something (so an android body could hold one all on its own) or is the thought box something like this....
...meaning that even with the android body he was operating from a stationary position back at Marshal HQ.


A "thought box" is slang they use in our setting to describe any one of a number of self-aware computer algorithms. It's not a literal box.

The drone we call Bucket in the game wasnt designed with the needs of an AI in mind, so Buckets reason core literally won't fit in there. That's why it resides on the Laurie Anne.


So how large is Bucket's reason core? And how easy to destroy or manipulate is it? O.o


I'm sorry but what is the chronological order of these lores?

pre--shear and post-shear?


Yes we must know Matt! We need to break into the Ship and disable Bucket so we can aid our cause for freedom.




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Go into the corner and think about your life.


Just did. It's pretty awesome.


Your life or the corner?


Both. I figured it was implied.




Who or what should we expect to get a story next??
(You are still doing stories right?)


@Matthew I have some questions about the Basalisk Empire.
How wide spread was the life prolonging upgrade that made the Basalisk rich? Was it super expensive or was it relatively common? If Hyde was around for the first Mutagen War then most of the Crew would be old enough to have gotten the upgrades legally so how many of them are actually way older than they look?(Is Hyde?)
How much do the upgrades actually prolong a life by? The average time of death is around 90 so is theirs around 110? 130?
Are they responsible for the Lazarus technology? Theres the fact that the glove is genetically linked to Lazarus's DNA which screams of Basalisk invention. Also, Hub has never struck me as the sort to turn down power but they not only restrict the number of Lazarus devices created but deem the devices illegal as soon as the war is over. That clearly shows that they didnt trust whoever was responsible for creating the devices which could mean that some Basalisk scientists chose to help Hub rather than their fellow scientists.


The Mutagenic technology that extended life was kept artificially rare on Earth to inflate the price. It was more common in the Basilisk Nebula, but apart from those four worlds and the rich people on Earth, it was not something normal people had access to.

There was no theoretical limit to the age of someone undergoing life-extending mutagen therapy, but as the treatment was only about 30 years old when the war broke out, we've yet to see anyone over about 110.

Celestial invented the Lazarus Device, that research was funded by Hub.


So why was Hub so reluctant to use Lazarus tech. Are there horrifying sideaffects of some kind or did they all just get kind of creeped out with how obsessive they were over death (Damn it Lazarus, you ruined it for everyone).


Side affects are mostly brain damage. You have to have it used allot on you though...
But the alternative is death. I'd rather have some brain damage, than to be dead.

Here's another side effect.


A fate worse than death...


Exactly. If you get a tool that basically cures death why wouldnt you give all your soldiers one. "Oh you have brain damage. Do you know what you dont have: Lack-of-Torso-Syndrome. You're Welcome"