Evolve Hunter Stories [Canon] (Latest Story - Kala's Story)


How about a Volcano crater type of area? With a huge wide open area at the top of the map with a few small holes that lead inside the volcano area (the initial entry point inside the volcano could be a huge industrial area with the relay meant to keep the volcano from erupting) with a big sprawling cave network that has lava pools and rivers around it.

(Monsters and Hunters take damage from the lava)

It would be a big change in scenery for once I think.


Actually, they had discussed having Lava maps, but it's really hard to balance having lava as a hazard, but still make it believable. You can't really go into lava and expect to come back out, that's why they switched it to acid maps. They don't have to specify how acidic the acid is so it is more believable than swimming in lava


Anyone here want to kickstarter Matthew to write Evolve Short Stories? From what i read, im up for it.


@Matthew Didn't you say you were working on stories for T4 a while ago?

@monstrous He's probably just too busy, what with Tier 5 coming out. Tagged him anyway. stuck_out_tongue


All i what to know is how much parnell cried when he found out Sunny was still alive.


And Abe too. stuck_out_tongue


Is this the recommended reading order? @Matthew


It is now. :stuck_out_tongue:


Goodness I want another of these stories.

I get that quality takes time, but its been a long time.


The hunter stories I want most are slim, because he just seams like the most interesting to me with the most capability, Griffen, and Maggie, we all know what happened to her but more details would be greatly appreciated

Also crow, I know literally nothing about him, all I've heard in conversations talks about his equipment not his actual back story, he's the only tier four hunter who doesn't get really any attention


Crow was a Celestial Survey Agent. He retired on Shear to be alone. Monsters ruined it for him. He kills monsters. The end. stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye


One does not simply come out to retire on Shear.


Unless you are Hyde.
Cause he will burn whoever's face said he can't.


Pretty sure that one Megamouth would disagree.


I'm sure he does.
But he won't once this chemsprayer goes up his unmentionables.


I am kind of interested in Markov and Hank because I dont know the slightest thing about either of them beyond that Markov is ,maybe, from Mars.


Hank was a space trucker.

more info here https://talk.turtlerockstudios.com/t/evolve-timeline-lore-info-megathread/51220


Thanks for the link smile


Huh. I got the impression that there were Basalisk soldiers still alive and imprisoned on Bodes world. He has this conversation with Sunny which generally goes like
"So you come from a world of all bugmen"
"No, there are bugwomen too"
I just got the feeling that Bodes world had become a sort of POW camp where the majority of the surviving Basalisk were now imprisoned but the link says they have been hunted down to just a few refugees.


Theres a bounty it's illegal to be a bugman I doubt slim would be hiding out on a Shear if he could be back with his family even if the planet was a giant PoW camp and I doubt Hub would like a large concentration of bugmen when they had to use chemtroopers and Lazarus men to put them down the last time.